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For me, it is easier to find a lottery system that works than finding out a trustworthy lotto software review. If you are a beginner lottery player or a young soul, then you might not know how we played lotteries in casinos. There were people, fights, scams, cheating, and a lot more. But frankly, the chances of scam are bigger, and more so, in online lotto software systems.

During casino days, I used to ask my friends about the most popular and return-making lotteries in town. But today, we can only benefit from best lotto software review to avoid loss. Here, I will tell you how you can identify best lotto software review and a BONUS tip to rate lottery software reviews.

Characteristics of Best Lotto Software Review

This is a neutral list of characteristics of the best lotto software review. Some of these characteristics may also be missing in my lottery reviews but I always try my best to deliver authentic and tested information only, you already know that. Anyway, here are the characteristics of best lotto software review.

Tested Information

A reliable lotto software review would contain authentic information only. With authentic information, I mean to say that the information would not be based on data collected from online reviews but the information will contain original data collected on personal experience basis only.

So how would you know if the information is collected from original source only? Here are some checkpoints for you.

  • The reviewer will give you examples to prove statistical data of the lottery system. Most of the reviewers give examples of their personal experiences.
  • The examples given in the review will not be available on any other review website.
  • The data of reviews will contain something unique that is different from the data of other reviews. The unique information may include data sold in DVD format by the lottery software developer.

Unbiased Information

Technically, every review should be free of biases. But writing reviews itself has become an industry. The companies hire review writers with little information to add piles and piles over piles of big claims. Most of the manufacturer-paid reviews are written with hyped-up marketing tone. Some companies also hire writers for writing negative reviews to underplay a lotto system that may actually work.

I think I deserve to take pride in taking out time and writing reviews for you, don’t I?

Anyway, you can identify biased reviews with their tone. If a review is entirely written with negative or positive perspective then it might be a paid review.


Copying material from other review websites to put pages after pages in writing is easy. But trying a lottery software on your own and then writing its review is a completely different story.

Now let me share an experience with you. When you play a lottery software and don’t find it up to scratch then the only thing you want to do is to yell and tell the world that this lottery system is a scam. Again, not everyone likes to read long reviews. This is why rating scales are used.

Authentic lottery review sites (do I need to name any?) always rate the lottery software systems so that the reviews can also benefit the readers who lack time to read hundreds and thousands of words.

Company Overview

‘Hey! I am XYZ. You might have heard my name which is why you are here. I am a mathematics professor with 15 years experience in lottery systems and I believe that my formulae can help you build good lottery foundation. Before telling you more about myself, I would love to tell you about my lottery system. So my system……’

That’s it!

If you want to know about the developer or company of a lottery system then either you need to buy their lottery system or you will visit their website. Most of the websites have limited information about the creator, just like the given script.

When a review website includes company information of the lottery system, it is a clear sign that the writer has actually purchased and tested the lottery software.

Bonus Tip

Now that I have tried my best to describe complete features of lottery software reviews, I expect you to find out how helpful a lottery review is. For that, you need to rate it on your own. For example, if a lottery software review has all the features described here, then it is probably the best lotto software review. The rating will fall as the characteristics of the best lotto software review are missing in the review that you have read.

I hope that after reading this copy, you will be able to find out authentic and the best lottery software review, and save your money by playing only authentic lotteries. Cheers!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George.

10 thoughts on “Best Lotto Software Review

  1. I totally agree with Professor George. I don’t play lotteries anymore but I have played lotteries for 15 or 18 years and I believe online lotteries are more scammy than casino lotteries.

  2. I had played a lottery after reading a review about it. But found that lottery total waste of time and money.

  3. I think many reviews are paid by lottery owners. Original reviews are unique from others. I think Professor George reviews are unique this is why I trust him.

  4. Biased reviews talk about either positive only or negative only. I like that Professor has rating system.

  5. Very nice tips. These morons are posting so much shitty content that beginners like me can easily believe their shit.

  6. Wow what a brilliant idea Professor. I am talking about Company Overview tip. I agree, only those people are afraid of sharing their contact information who sell gimmicked products.

  7. Rating is not the only thing to identify a good lottery review blog. A lottery blog promotes only one product but reveals negative things about others. It means it is scam also.

  8. How much do they pay for writing fake reviews?

  9. My lottery experience is not that long but I agree with Professor George. Only if we could assess lottery reviewers, we could easily find authentic lottery systems in the market.

  10. I have become your huge fan after reading your reviews, tips and newsletter. Everyone looking for lottery winning secrets and tips should subscribe to George’s website.

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