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Mid-life crisis is something we all share in common. Depression, anxiety, leaving your love and hobbies, and a lot of such things play havoc on us during this period. But one thing I never quitted, and that is playing lotteries.

Those small and big wins kept me alive, and today I receive love from all over the world.

If I look back on time, lotteries saved me but during that time, I also discovered that finding the best lottery system is not all that you need to keep life going.

Why Finding the Best Lottery System is Not All That You Need?

Let’s picture that someone is already surviving mid-life crisis. It is a period in which you don’t want to learn anything new or practice an art. The surviving person wants to find a way out of depression and wants happiness. That person starts playing lotteries to get happiness through winning and financial means. But he fails! Why, you ask. It is because that person was not equipped with lottery winning tools, and lacked some essentials.

Don’t worry! This is just an example and not my story. But considering this scenario, we can conclude that you need a few more ingredients to aid winning the best lottery system. Here are those ingredients.


Lottery can be very disappointing at times. But at the same time, it can be your life savior during worst stages of your life. In either case, patience is a tool that keeps you motivated and going.

How you can develop patience as a lottery player?

I believe that there are certain physical elements that help improve your psychological control. No! I am not a nutritionist or gym instructor but I do believe in their power so here are some tips for you.

You can improve your psychological control by doing yoga for only 10 to 15 minutes in the morning.

If you feel yourself tired, exhausted or afraid of losing a game while playing a lottery, then try your luck with the power of cardio. You can run on treadmill in your living room but the ideal way is to practice cardio in open air and fresh breeze.

Keep munching energy boosters while playing lotteries. This may sound funny but research has proved that eating energy and mood boosters like chocolate, nuts, bars, and banana help improve performance and control hormones. Again, lottery is all about mathematics and brain game, and you need self-control to play lotteries like a pro.

Teamwork and Cooperation

No matter if it is mid-life crisis, your beginning years in lottery games, or years-long persistent failures in lotteries, you may need to play with groups and pools.

The benefit of playing with groups and pools is that the margin of your loss is divided with the number of people in the group. For example, if losing a lottery would cost you $20 while you are playing alone, then playing the same lottery with a pool of 5 people will cost a loss of $4 to each member. Similarly, the profit will also be divided with the number of people in the group.

Frankly, gone are the days when people thought that only drunk fanatics play lotteries. Now highly educated people and sophisticated mathematicians also play lotteries. Therefore, if you are planning to play a lottery in pool, then you need to develop teamwork skills and cooperation in your behavior. Listen to others’ advice and give your suggestions with logical explanations.

Skill Set

The best strategy to play a lottery is to understand its type and apply mathematical formulae or strategies to win the game. Even if you have found out the best lottery system, yet you need to be very careful and strategic in playing it, or you will lose the game.

In broad spectrum, lottery systems can be divided into two types. The first type is of luck-based lottery systems in which you choose tickets or random numbers and wait for the winning numbers to match your numbers with them. Some techniques to win this type of lotteries are given here.

    • Pick your lucky random numbers. Lucky numbers are not your favorite numbers but those numbers that always clear up your path, be it your school registration number or car number while escaping police arrest attempt.
    • Pick researched numbers. Find out the closest important dates like national days and date of birth of the lottery system owner.


The second type of lotteries revolves around calculated number systems. These include combination lotteries and formula-based lotteries. I always say that you need to practice probability mathematics to win this type of lottery systems. Combinatorics is a less-known branch of mathematics that is primarily used to create best possible combinations of numbers. If you practice combinatorics, trust me you are never going to lose the lotteries.

There is another type of strategy that has been taken from school tests. Surprised?

Do you remember the Multiple Choice Questions in school? Do you remember a common strategy used to pass the test when you had not prepared for it? Well, that strategy says that you should mark similar option in every question to increase the probability of maximum hits. For example, if you have not prepared for the test at all, and you mark all A options in the test, the probability says that you will get at least 5 correct answers out of 20 (if the teacher is not clever).

Similarly, making clever combinations is a skill you should learn from the beginning years of lottery. For example, make single-triple, triple-single, double-double, and double-double combination in pick 4 lotteries to increase probability.

1, 3, 3, 3

1, 1, 1, 3

1, 1, 3, 3,

3, 3, 1, 1

If you develop patience, cooperation, and learn the lottery playing skills, then you only need the best lottery system to make money. Read my reviews on different lottery systems to find a true moneymaking lottery system.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George.

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  2. I have seen teens undergoing midlife crisis.


  3. Lotteries should never be the primary source of your finances. Lotteries never make it that big.

  4. Never knew but pizza is my energy booster while playing lotteries.

  5. What a great post. I play in pools but nobody ever discussed stuff like energy boosters and teamwork in lotteries. I am definitely gonna recommend you to my friends.

  6. I am moving to Germany in a few months for higher studies. Germany is cheap but I am also worried for my lottery addiction. I need references to good lottery games there.

  7. Lucky numbers are for lucky people and people who play lotteries are not lucky. If they were, they wouldn’t be playing lotteries.

  8. Strategies differ from places to places. I have seen Pick 3 more in San Diego and Pick 5 more in North.

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