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Let me confess. I have also tried my luck on free lottery systems.

I tried it because it said that I will not lose anything but earn millions and millions of dollars just by picking a few numbers.

Alarm Rings!

Not all online free lottery systems are authentic. In fact, most of them are nothing but traps. But there is definitely no harm in giving these lottery systems a shot, unless you lose your investment. Have a look on these techniques to find free lottery systems that work.

No Sign-Up Fee

Most of the free lottery websites claim that you will earn without investing money. Some lottery systems require you to pay sign-up fee to play the lottery.

Let’s first admit that online lottery creators don’t pay you for free. They need something from players to meet the costs. In the former type, find out the ‘other’ source of income of the lottery system. The other source may include on-click ads popping up on the website and earning from affiliate lottery systems. The free lottery creator may also have lotto system software. Otherwise, the website should be very popular to earn from search engines for on-page clicks.

In the latter case, the free lottery systems will ask you to pay small sign-up fee, say it $2, or pay for buying lottery tickets.

If you don’t find any of these on your target website then the free lotto system is probably a scam.


No matter if it is online lotto software, free lotto software, or casino lottery game, the creator must offer a strategy to players. The strategy would be based on probability mathematics, combinatories, or other lottery strategy game like combinations with pick 3 and pick 4.

However, most of the online lotteries approve random pick and hit or miss lottery systems. Some automated free online lottery systems have their own players.These systems ask you to pay a little sign-up fee but only the system always generates winning numbers that matches the numbers of their own lottery players.

Lack of Variety

An authentic online free lottery system should offer a variety of games for the players. If free online lottery system contains only one type of lottery system and also offers a winning number generator then you must hear the alarm bells ringing everywhere around you.

No Contact or Physical Office Existence

I may be an oldie for some people but I still believe that profitable virtual business operate in physical space in the background. An authentic lottery system is approachable by the players, either by sending an email or by sending a mail draft at a physical address. Authentic online free lottery systems are also registered with their regional government-controlled lottery offices, but it is not essential. A more important factor is physical existence. OK! I don’t bother if you call me an oldie again.

With these techniques, you can spot scammed online free lotteries. Thank me later!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George,

9 thoughts on “Free Lottery Systems

  1. Let me tell you guys something, almost everyone among us tries luck on free lotteries. No shame in that.

  2. I once paid signup fee to a goon but my friend told me about their scam. I tried to report, nothing happened as always.

  3. I would love to play no-strategy games because randomly picking numbers is easier than making combinations.

  4. What if we have to pay only $2 for signup fee? $1 or $2 is not a very big amount to miss playing a lottery.

  5. I wonder why people trust lotteries without any contact information. Would you ever buy Starbucks without their seal?

  6. Your Learning Center posts are awesome. I always learn a lot here.

  7. Great work! Really, spotting online scam lotteries is so fu***ng easy. I never got ripped off even once because I always study lotteries that I am gonna play. And I just dump lotteries if I find anything shitty in them.

  8. Logic makes sense that’s why I love your work Professor. I have learnt so much from you that I can even plan to take part in regional lotteries, though I am still striving to win a local one lel.

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