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I have tried, tested, and discussed many lottery systems with you, and it seems that the world has become scarce of lotto systems that work. You can use many techniques to find a lottery system that helps you win and generate returns. But the problem with almost all online lottery systems is that you have to pay full fee in advance. By the time you find out that the lottery system is a scam, you have already lost your money.

I have discussed different techniques used by lottery software applications to bilk money from lottery players, especially the beginner ones. Commonly, most of the lottery systems want you to purchase full program to get ABC benefits and free stuff. They offer money back guarantee but I believe that once your money is gone in commercialism, it is gone.

There are many genius minds I the market who keep on introducing new ways of bilking people. One of these ways is to design a lottery system that offers very low winning probability to the players. Read my Lotto System 12 reviews to know how this software deceives by offering only 8.333% winning probability, and that too only once in a year.

Anyways, here I will tell you about some ways you can use to find lottery systems that truly work without spending a dollar.

Read My Reviews

I don’t want to boast but hey! I have spent years and money in trying out different lottery systems to write reviews for you. Jokes apart, reading reviews and following review websites is a great way to save your dollars. But it is important to follow authentic review websites only. To find authentic review websites, do some research about the owner of that website or the person who writes the reviews. You can trust the reviews if they are written by casino or online lottery players. Make sure that you are not being trapped in a marketing swindle.

Manufacturer’s Details

The manufacturer of a lottery software may be anyone who has never stepped into a casino or tried playing lottery. The two key sources of gathering information about the manufacturer include the lottery software’s website and the lottery package you get after purchase. But why purchase lottery software system when you can get manufacturer’s details on lottery review websites?

Evaluate the Framework of Software

Just think about a lottery software that displays lottery terminal in front of you. Then it offers to help you finding the winning numbers to give you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Why would someone do that?

The framework of lottery software should make some sense. Frankly, someone would make a lottery software to earn money. But legitimate lottery systems that work will not only earn money but they will also give prizes.

The Seller

I think I don’t need to name the sources that are already known for selling spam content online. Some of their products are also authentic but I would recommend you to trust those lottery systems, which you purchase directly from the manufacturer. If you are interested in a lottery software and it is being sold by the manufacturer as well as the blacklisted forums then you should contact their customer service to inquire for your satisfaction.

Check YouTube Videos

Online reviews may be written by affiliates but most of the YouTube videos are authentic, I think. The best way is to read online reviews as well as check YouTube videos of lottery software to find lotto systems that work.

I have also unveiled many tips and techniques of winning different lottery systems. Check out my reviews page and start making big today!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George


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  1. I wouldn’t say that you are a miracle man but I must say you are the one capable to take us in the right direction.

  2. Some websites don’t give any manufacturer or owner details. What should we do then?

  3. Everything in commercialism, lotteries and commercial products and every other thing want our money. We started living minimum life and saved a lot.

  4. Saving is the best way to earn more. You can make more money this way.

  5. Many Youtube videos disable comments. We can’t gather feedback and reviews from there.

  6. Awesome Professor! You are a blessing. I have tried your tips, I also read some lottery reviews with your tips and found it so easy to evaluate its credibility this way.

  7. Some forums are selling blacklisted and authentic lotteries both. It becomes very difficult to identify a true lottery software. There could be a spam lottery software being sold by authentic forum.

  8. I like your work Professor George. I want to win prizes from lotteries but I don’t know how I can start it.

  9. I agree with Professor George except one thing. I don’t think seller could be the reason to ignore a lottery system. I have bought many products from Clickbank. I think Professor is talking about this seller. Some products were really way better than those sold in markets. I have bought ebooks also. And my every purchase was worth it.

  10. Dear Professor George! I am from South Africa. I have visited America many times and tried lotteries there but lotteries here in SA are very different. I am talking about fights and cheats. American lotteries are more authentic to me. I want to know more about American lotteries. How I can get in touch with you?

  11. I like your work a lot Professor George. You have been very kind. I tried and tested your tricks and tips. I think I can easily assess a lottery system now lol

  12. Hey George! How’s it going? I am very conscious for my wedding and I want to save some extra money for it. A friend recommended your blog and said that I can start my lottery career from here. I live in LA. Which lotteries are good to play in LA? I have noticed you like Pick lotteries more so I am also planning to start from pick lotteries. Am I heading in right direction?

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