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Lottery is one of the best preserved systems since centuries. The technical procedures and basic structure of lotteries are still viable, no matter if you try your luck in a casino or double your investments in online lotteries. I believe that all lottery systems, in which you can apply probability mathematics, should be declared as winning lottery systems. Why, you wonder? I will explain.

There are lottery systems that require you to pick random numbers and play the lottery entirely on luck. I don’t believe these lotteries to be winning lottery systems because you may consecutively win ten times or you may lose the lotteries for years. It is because we cannot control our luck.

In contrast, we have strategy based lottery systems like Pick lotteries (my favorite, you know). We can apply probability mathematics rules and witty strategies to win these lotteries.

Rules of Winning Lottery Systems

Lottery matrices, winning categories and technical aspects revolve around a set of unspoken rules. Lottery fanatics have followed these rules since ages. If you want to identify winning lottery systems from the ocean of lottery systems then check if the system follows the given rules.

Mathematics Support

An authentic lottery system provides you chances of winning by handing over some authority and control to you. Mathematics is the only tool that makes lotteries authentic and fair. The basic lottery matrices are based on the parameters of probability mathematics. There are two ways of winning with this tool.

The first technique is guess-based probability. In this technique, the lottery player guesses the numbers but you cannot calculate the probability of winning in this technique. For example, you can make guess-based combinations of triple-one, one-triple, and double-double in pick 4 lotteries.

The player applies original probability mathematics formulae in the second technique. This is a safer way of calculating your chances of winning the lottery. Most of the winning lottery systems keep on shuffling the winning numbers therefore, your chance of winning increase with the use of probability mathematics formulae.


It is also a branch of mathematics that revolves around studying and evaluating countable discrete structure. Combinatorics is also a system to win the lottery by reading lottery panels or sets and unveiling the possible combinations. This technique is used in number combination lottery games.

Cumulated Probability with Simple Lines

You might have played lottery games in which, you picked mathematical odds from simple lines. This technique is used in the multiple winning category games. The intermediary probability techniques are used to pick the odds.

Other Rules

There are two basic steps in very lottery game i.e. shuffling and picking numbers. The beginner lottery players easily lose their hard-earned money because they believe that you have to pick random numbers in every lottery game. Actually, there are different lottery winning systems depending on the procedure and framework of a lottery system.

The number lottery game is based on the following chronological process.

1. You buy tickets from the draw and predict numbers.

2. The company or online software performs the winning numbers.

3. Then the player and the company or software app compare the numbers and the player with matching numbers wins the lottery.

In some lotteries, you only need to match mentioned number of combinations or numbers to win a lottery. This rule is mostly used in lottery winning systems with small prize money.

There are different rules and variations also. In some variations like in Powerball, a combination of main and second draw is used to find the winning numbers. In some lottery systems, you don’t pick numbers but purchase the tickets. The winning numbers are mentioned on the tickets. Sometimes, the winning numbers are mentioned in particular patterns like squares or circles. In some lotteries, the winning numbers are given in rows.

With these rules of lottery winning systems, it would be much easier for you to find a perfect lottery winning system. Make sure to read my reviews to learn more about different techniques of winning lotteries. Having said that, I will repeat my favorite tip. Practice probability mathematics to perfect the art of winning lotteries.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George


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  1. Soccer is also one of the best preserved sports.

  2. I love your blogs George. The way you merge history, information, tips, and ways these goons scam us. You are simply awesome George.

  3. Combinatronics work well in lotteries.

  4. Guess-based probability is the worst technique to use. I know Professor is only describing techniques here but I must tell that I have used this technique several times and was horribly ripped off. Probabilities always depend on calculated estimates. If you are not mathematics perfetto then ask some mathematics freak to sit beside you while you play.

  5. Cumulated probability is amazing. But use it more in casinos. I don’t like online lotteries.

  6. If you are playing ticket buying lotteries then buy many tickets. It will increase your odds of winning.

  7. This is ridiculous how people believe that buying more tickets help. See! If you know mathematics well then play probability based lotteries. My bro plays these and wins like 3 out of 10 times. And if you don’t know mathematics then don’t waste your time and start working on some fuel station. I sound aggressive but lottery is not for such people.

  8. Wow these rules are so easy. You forgot to mention basic rules George. Like a lottery player should be at least 18 years of age. Local lotteries make locals win more. This is my observation.

  9. Where can I get German table lottery tickets?

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