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Read detailed analyses, benefits and flaws, scams, ratings, global updates, and everything about old and new lottery systems here. I have thoroughly reviewed different lottery systems and compiled weeks of struggle in 5 minute-read reviews. Find out the lottery system of your interest and read the honest review along with its rating on our lottery rating scale.

I have reviewed different types of lottery system software including wheeling lottery systems, Formula lottery systems, lotto and little lotto systems, Pick lottery systems, and many more.

In all lottery system reviews, I try my best to provide you honest information based on my extensive research. As I have been playing lotteries since years, I try to analyze the lottery systems on the basis of their online rankings, my personal experiences, the manufacturer’s and seller’s authenticity, the global results, cost, quality of game, strategy, entertainment, and many other things.

Here I will share some techniques of reviewing the lottery systems so that you can also share your experiences with me about different lottery systems. I must say that building contacts in the industry by sharing tips, ideas, and reviews has helped me a lot and it will definitely help you too!


Before reviewing lottery software, do some research about the manufacturer. Most of the lottery systems provide manufacturer’s details in the software package but you can also find it on their website.


If you are experienced and already know the tactics of winning lottery systems then you can directly purchase a lottery system without reading other reviews. But if you are not very experienced and playing lotteries to make some money then I will suggest you to read reviews before buying a software. Make sure that you are not dumping your hard-earned money.


After purchasing the software, start by listening to the audio or video provided by the manufacturer. But first, clear up your mind because most of the lottery manufacturers make big claims in these media files. Then create a strategy to play the lottery. Start playing and analyzing the performance and outcome of the lottery system. Remember that some people play lotteries for entertainment purpose only, therefore assess the lottery system according to entertainment factor as well.

Don’t Lose Patience

One or two lottery games are not enough to judge lottery software. Play for at least one or two weeks and write down the daily outcome.

Scaling and Rating

Create a scaling system and rate the lottery systems on that scale on daily basis. After completing a particular span, say it two weeks, solve the rating with median mathematics technique. This way, you will find out average performance of lottery system.

Be Honest

Write down the lottery system review. Make sure to be practical and honest. Make sure to appreciate the positive aspects and honestly describe the negative aspects of lottery systems.

That’s it! Now that you already know about writing reviews, here I have many lottery system reviews for you. You can read these reviews for getting clearer idea about different lottery systems or understanding how to write a lottery system review. Keep reading and enjoying!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

11 thoughts on “REVIEWS

  1. Hey George! I like your blogs. You explain everything in so easy way that I get up from chair thinking I am the lottery expert LMAO

  2. LOL how can anyone be honest about lotteries 😉

  3. To gain experience, we will have to buy a lottery system. So that means that we have to spend some money to achieve this goal. I hate spending money.

  4. I know George! But what can a person do when all lotteries you buy are scams? I am that unfortunate person. I don’t have a choice other than calling them bad names from my bed. What else can I do?

  5. How long does it take to analyze a lottery?

    1. You can assess a lottery system within a week only. But some lotteries are planned and developed in so clever ways that you don’t understand their system for many weeks. And finally when you figure out that the lottery is a scam, their management claims that time for moneyback guarantee has expired so no money for you.

  6. Every lottery has something positive and something negative in it. I have read some reviews on other blogs that over-explain some good aspects of a lottery. No no its not done like this. One lottery may be good and profitmaker for one person but it could be a horrible experience for other players. Review writers shouldn’t go extra mile just to sell something.

  7. Reviews are not always authentic. But you can easily identify a biased review online.

  8. I will save a lot of money to buy and assess lotteries and then return back to saving more money. The end.

  9. Hi George! I am from Leeds and lotteries here are quite authentic. We mostly get fair results with transparent and logical system. Did you ever come to UK? If you are planning a visit then get in touch with me. I will host your tour for free 😉

  10. Hello Professor. I like your reviews and tips and I believe you can be a good source to learn more about lotteries. How can we receive your weekly newsletter?

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