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There is no one rule that fits all to identify lottery system scams. Developers of online lottery systems have been targeting the players in a number of ways. It may be difficult for even an expert player to spot a scam. The best way is to read honest and trustworthy lottery system reviews and learn the common most techniques of lottery scams.

Here, I have demonstrated the common most techniques of lottery system scams.

Advance Fee Fraud

Most of the lottery systems do not offer subscriptions. They charge purchase price or advance fee that is refundable according to them. However, in most cases, the fee is not returned to the lottery player. Some lottery systems offer money refund but charge transfer fee and processing fee, which is almost equal to the basic fee you paid to the company.

Deviant Marketing

One of the most commonly used techniques of scams is deviant marketing. The lottery system promises you 80% to 100% winning ratio but provides only 5% to 15% winning ratio. In these scams, the prize money you receive is just a little portion of the purchase price of lottery system. Deviant marketing tactics also include offering you a secret formula that makes you win all lotteries. Remember that lottery is a mixture of luck and mathematical formulae.


The lottery system software retrieves your private information and passwords and blackmails you to pay them money. Nowadays, blackmailing is not very common and easy to do.

Scam Websites

There are two ways to spot scam through website. Firstly, check the website of the developer. The software application is a scam if the website does not provide sufficient information about the developer of program. Secondly, check the website from where the software application is being sold. Websites like ClickBank contain authentic and scammed products, both. Always purchase a lottery system from an authentic and reliable source.

Apart from these, always read honest reviews of lottery systems.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “SCAMS

  1. The worst part is that these lotteries hire professional marketers. They know our weaknesses, show us rich cars and houses, and players like me automatically become convinced that we can make money with that specific lottery system.

  2. These tactics have become so common, yet they are so natural. I would forgive myself if I get trapped in any of these.

  3. I have spent many years in Dubai. In many stores, you can buy anything on installments without paying any interest or any extra money even if you want to pay installments for more than a year. I wish we could play lotteries without paying advanced fee.

  4. Your tips are so cool. Experience always speaks dude!

  5. I agree with Professor George but I would disagree at one point. Lottery is pure mathematics. Choose a combination and probability type lottery system and apply mathematics to win. That’s all.

  6. I entered into a free lottery. I don’t know how they gained access to my accounts and passwords and blackmailed me to send money or they would leak my girlfriend’s pictures. That’s lame. But I filed my case to cyber crime and my accounts were released soon.

  7. My recommendation to everyone is to read lottery reviews of Professor George. you wouldn’t need to do anything else. He has so many tricks and ideas.

  8. I have an idea for you Professor. Start online lottery classes. You can try webinars or just upload recordings.

  9. Hey George! You are a mentor. I have applied your tricks to so many lotteries and I am making money, not doubling or tripling but at least I am winning.

  10. George, my question is that what we should do if we are trapped into a lottery scam. Is there a way to file a suit against them?

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