Here is What Formula 1 Lotto System Never Marketed!

Like many other people including me, you might also have been impressed by 8.7 winning times and 98% winning ratio of Formula 1 Lotto System marketing. I have tried various hyped marketing lottery systems but still I was impressed with their marketing campaign and various Formula 1 Lotto System review stories. Why? It is probably because I wanted to make big and more like everyone else.

But Formula 1 Lottery system does not market what it sells. There are things which players like you and me are never informed about. We purchase lottery system and spend our hard-earned money on it just to give it a shot. What we get is mere collection of small earnings?

Know the Truth Before You Waste Your Hard-Earned Money

To me, Formula 1 Lotto System was nothing but disappointment. Why? It doesn’t make you get anything, you ask. I will explain later why it is complete disappointment but first I will unveil some bitter realities about this lottery system. It does not give you winning ratio of 98% but just 2%. SHOCKED???


Formula 1 Lotto System might have given 10% or even 20% winning ratio to other people, I don’t know. But for me, it was a failure which made me LOSE my money.

Here is How They Deceive You!

There is one thing I must admit. Ken Silver, the designer of this system has put up things in place in a really impressive way. You open the system and you see a properly designed login system and so many numbers that you start calculating your expected weekly income with Formula 1 Lotto System.

The first thing a paid Formula 1 Lotto System review will tell you is that it helped the player win 98% of lotteries and the player bought a luxury car and probably a mansion with pools and ponds with that money. If the formula would have been so functional, the manufacturer would not be selling lottery system but would have become a billionaire with seven star hotels and stress-free days to enjoy free flow of his money.

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Secondly, most of the fake lottery systems take refuge in Clickbank. Click on the direct link to sales page and you will see fake testimonials and reviews along with year-on going sale of free products and tickets which always claims to end in 30 or 60 days.

The FTC is already closing fake lottery systems but the fate of formula 1 Lottery System has not been decided yet.

Why Formula 1 Lotto System Can’t Be Your Priority

I think we have really good lottery systems out there which actually work. You can give a shot to those lottery systems. Remember that any lottery system which claims to help you win really big numbers is definitely lying. I would rather give priority to a lottery system promising small winning numbers rather than a lottery system like this.

THIS is What I Figured Out After Weeks of Playing

Now here is my final verdict about why Formula 1 Lotto System was a total failure and disappointment.

  • It made me win only 2% which otherwise means no returns.
  • It does not give any information, contact or credit about Ken Silver who claims to be the designer of this lottery system.
  • All information used to design this lottery system has been taken from the internet.

In this Formula 1 Lottery system review, I will give it 1/5 point only. I gave 1 point because it is an engaging lottery system, nothing more or less than that.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

9 thoughts on “Formula 1 Lotto System

  1. What if the game you play is not in the list of global lotteries? SCAM!

  2. Well! I have bought some good books and kitchenware from ClickBank and they are wonderful.

  3. Thanks Professor. You are lucky to make 2% wins. My winning ratio was in negative when I totaled my investments and returns.

  4. I was so disappointed after using formula 1. This is another hyped up lottery system, nothing more.

  5. I tried formula 1 in hope of winning jackpot and ended up tapped out.

  6. I would rather discuss the system with manufacturer than directly buying it.

  7. It’s been like 7 days I am playing with Formula 1 and no returns at all.

  8. You are right Professor. MY experience with Formula 1 was horrible. My odds kept stacking up against me and it was hard to forcefully cut out this habit of lotteries. My best earning with formula 1 was $40 bucks, mere 4% winning ratio. Why would anyone want to spend money on such a system.

  9. George, I am also a casino player and I don’t believe in these online lotteries. One of my grandkids is interested in lotteries and told me about formula 1 lottery system just 2 days ago. I asked him to wait until I do some research (yes I am this fine with using computers) and I landed here. I feel grossed yet relaxed that he won’t be spending his pocket money on something like formula 1.

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