Truth About Formula 1 Lotto System Scam You’ll Never Know

So you are looking for truth about Formula 1 Lotto System Scam – a system that promises to make you win 9 out of 10 times?

After trying out this system in person, I have many things to reveal, which may or may not go with your aims. Briefly describing, we all play lotteries for money and this system helps you to add some bucks to your bank account to an extent only.

Are these Odds Enough to Win Over Your Desires?

There are different winning ratios associated with Formula 1 Lotto System scam. Some people believe that it helps you win 8.7 times out of 10 times while the developer claims that the system can help you win 9 out of 10 times. Pretty close!


What I found was that this system doesn’t help you win at this ratio but it DOES help you win to an extent. I found its winning ratio 20% to 30% only and this winning ratio is common when you play with other lottery systems as well. For me, this winning ratio is not enough to compliment my desires.

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The Marketers are Misleading about Formula 1 Lotto System Scam but You Must Know THIS!

Now that we already know about its winning ratio, there is another excuse that makes the case of Formula 1 Lotto System strong. According to the developer Glen, the secret of Formula 1 lies in 27 years of experience of an MIT professor whom Glen met in a bar. The professor had been winning lotteries ‘without even buying tickets’ by matching 5 out of 6 numbers.


Many people ask that why the professor didn’t use the formulae and his skills to make money? I think it is the case of personal choice and we should leave this argument here as it is.

Stop Trying Out Other Systems Until You Learn This!

The system helps you get started with small jackpots to take you to big jackpot. After winning many small jackpots, you will qualify for the big jackpot BUT it does not help you win the big jackpot because this system is particularly formulated to win small lotteries only.

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If you are a beginner then you should stop playing other systems because you will surely win some money with Formula 1 Lotto system. It will not make you go completely empty-handed but it is a No-No for making big numbers.

How Learning This can Help You Make the Most?

Playing with Formula 1 Lotto System is very easy and I must say we should praise the developer here. You choose a country or location and then choose a game of your choice. Then you choose a set of numbers from 3 matrixes. Click on ‘Generate’ and start making money.

3 Things You Must Have Known Long Before!

  1. Formula 1 Lotto System Scam is marketed with exaggeration and hype.
  2. It offers money back guarantee if you don’t like the system.
  3. Although it is based on knowledge of an MIT professor with 27 years of experience but it does not provide you a formula that applies on all lotteries to help you win. It is based on simple mathematics which you can also research online.

My tip is to try your luck on lotteries if you are a master of Probabilities in Mathematics. You will not need any software to play lotteries then. Anyways, I will give 3.5 out of 5 points to Formula 1 Lotto System.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Formula 1 Lotto System Scam

  1. Every genius would start with less than $20 for a new lottery system. Who spends $200 first time?

  2. May be this MIT Professor just wanted to leave something good for the world.

  3. We don’t pick numbers in Formula 1. The system does everything so obviously you don’t know what goes on.

  4. LOL! This freaked me out. He used to win lotteries without buying tickets, which means he didn’t want to make money. Why he made this software then?

  5. Formula 1 would work for me even if it helps me make 20% to 30% only.

  6. I disagree on the point that it doesn’t help you win the jackpot. Actually it doesn’t help you win small winnings also.

  7. I am planning to try Formula 1 for binaries.

  8. I am a seasoned lottery player. I don’t think Formula 1 will work for all winnings. And doubling your odds is not a big deal nowadays. Almost every lottery software application will help you double your odds. It was funny to read the highlighted ‘Cannot Lose With THIS System’ part. Not even lottery masters claim 100% winning ratio.

  9. I think the system of Formula 1 will gross out anyone. Its winning ratio is so high that anyone would become skeptic about this. BTW, who is operating this lottery software right now? The professor of MIT or Glen? Any idea people?

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