Lottery Wheeling Systems – Should You Pick Them or Try Luck on Something Else?

Lottery wheeling systems are a little different from Pick lottery systems and lottery software programs. I have tried my luck on so many lottery systems including lottery wheeling system. In lotto wheeling system, you can play with more than one ticket which increases the chances of winning a lottery. With more than one ticket, you can secure wins even if you hit a few draw numbers.

Are Lottery Wheeling Systems Scam?

There are a number of lottery wheeling systems including Combinatorial Lottery Systems and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. The latter one is currently considered the top most in lottery wheeling systems. The user reports have reported 67% success rate with Smart Plat Lotto Wheels System. I have not tried it yet so I am just quoting statements from different reports.

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Now, let’s evaluate the system of lottery wheeling systems. These are cyclic systems which allow you to play 7 or more numbers in Pick 6 system, 6 or more numbers in pick 5 systems and 4 or more numbers in pick 3 systems. Here is an example of lotto wheeling system.


Considering this example, we have 3 sets of numbers. The tickets are formed by summing up the groups. For example, the first ticket is formed with first three numbers, the second ticket is formed with second three numbers and the third ticket is formed with remaining three numbers in the group.

If you are playing this cycle of lotto wheeling system then you will have 4-win or 5-win by combining two groups.

We lottery players are always interested in guaranteed number of tickets or guaranteed number of wins. The core structure of lottery wheel system guarantees more than two tickets and 4 or 5 wins minimum.

Now let’s pile up things.

  • We have guaranteed number of wins and tickets so we give it 4/5 points.
  • Wheeling system for lottery is based on probability mathematics and the combination does not impact the winning number. This spin off technique guarantees success but it does not guarantee how small or big the win will be. So for this, we will give it 2/5 points.

Does it Really Make You Win or Just Deceive Like Others?

When you start playing lottery wheeling systems, you will definitely win some amount of money. This system does not guarantee how much you win so the sum of your all winning amounts may be lesser than the price of lottery wheeling system tickets. This is the downside but you can recover it as well. Here is how!


You can practice the mathematics of probability and get your hands on wheeling system for lottery. Now let’s talk about the big thing – jackpot. Yes you can play jackpot if your probability mathematics is good. With four or five wins, you cannot reach the jackpot therefore the skill is in your hands.

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I would definitely recommend you to try your luck on lottery wheeling systems if you are good at probability mathematics.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lottery Wheeling System

  1. Thank you George! I always thought that I can win lottery wheels with luck

  2. I used to play lottery wheels in casinos. Got to know about their online version a few days ago only.

  3. There is always a good chance of winning if you use number 0 more.

  4. I love playing lottery wheeling in pools, 80% winning ratio.

  5. One minute silence for those who still go to casinos.

  6. Only Batman can tell the accurate formula of winning every lottery.

  7. We planted lottery wheel on Halloween party and everybody just loved the idea.

  8. Thank you professor. Is there any shortcut to make best combinations for lottery wheeling systems?

  9. I was always so confused about playing lottery wheels. I used to buy automatic pick options. I used to get nervous and uncertain about my number choices but it all changed when I landed on combination wheeling pages of Professor George. He has shared so many tricks and tips that anyone can master this lottery system.

  10. I tried three draws a day and won two of them. Then I tried five draws in two days and won two again. Combination lottery wheeling systems definitely help you make returns. If you calculate the totals, the number of your 2 or 3 winnings would be more than your total investments in 5, 6 or more drawings. Combinations lottery wheels definitely work. Just learn probabilities or join a pool.

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