3 Best Lottery Wheeling Systems that Work for Beginners and Experts

Lottery wheeling systems are becoming more popular with each day. I have even seen gift based lotteries in game shows. But it is still very difficult to find the best lottery wheeling system.

A few days ago, I looked back into the story of a European punter. Let me share it here. There was a European guy who used to play lotteries in pools. He decided to purchase almost all the lottery tickets along with his friends. The amount of tickets was obviously generous. He and his friends had spent more than 1.5 million pounds on purchasing the tickets. But of course, some of the tickets were already sold out. Call it his bad luck or lack of capability to devise a strategy that the winning number was not included in the tickets he had purchased. What happened next, you ask. Bankruptcy!

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This is one of the reasons I blindly trust probability mathematics for winning lotteries. But I also believe in doing some research and understanding the nature of lotteries. Here are the best lottery wheeling systems that increase your odds of winning and are easier to solve.

Full Wheel Lottery

Full wheel lottery system is the common most of all systems but we need to remember that it is an expensive system. I will explain later why it is expensive but first let me explain the nature of this best lottery wheeling system.

In this system, you select a few numbers as given by the lottery game. Then you make all possible combinations with these numbers. The lottery then reveals the winning numbers. If the numbers are included in the combinations you made, you win! Again, it is probability mathematics here.

But full wheel lottery system is expensive and time-consuming as most of the lotteries charge you according to hitting combinations. With 15 numbers in the lottery, you can make up to 5005 combinations.

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Lottery Abbreviated System

For beginner lottery players, I recommend lottery abbreviated system. It is a less expensive system but comes with more chances of increasing your odds. The wining prize is mostly small in amount. For example, if you are paying Pick 6 lottery then you will be required to play with 7 combinations only. You need to purchase only 7 tickets.

The chances of winning are more because you can purchase more tickets in less amount, try your luck more times, and make as many combinations as you want.

Key Wheel System

In key wheel system, the winning number must be present in all combinations of the player. In this system, you need to match only one number and not the whole combination.

In order to choose the best lottery wheeling system, find out your expertise. If you are expert at probability mathematics then give full wheel lottery a shot. If you have lesser money then try lottery abbreviated system. If you believe in lucky numbers then try key wheel system.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Best Lottery Wheeling System

  1. Thank you Professor George. I really like your sophisticated style of explaining everything in depth. This website is definitely a heaven for lottery beginners.

  2. Dudes who become happy on small prize money should play Key Wheels.

  3. Full Wheel Lotteries have more chances of scoring high. I play full wheel with my friends in pool.

  4. Bullshit! Who would want to spend thirty hours in making 5000+ combinations?

  5. If you are a beginner with little money then play Lottery Abbreviated. And choose small systems like pick 3 and pick 4 only.

  6. Chances of bilking are always very low in wheeling lotteries. If you want good bucks then don’t play craps like online lotteries.

  7. Thanks Professor. It would be great if you give tips to play Abbreviated wheels and full wheels.

  8. I met a douchebag in front of a casino who took me inside and asked me to share investment with him in full wheel. It was expensive and I had never tried so just to give it a shot, we invested 50/50 money. That guy was a genius. We won and I was so excited that I didn’t even ask him to divide prize money inside casino. When we came out, his friends came out of nowhere to beat me and ran away with money. NEVER play a lottery with random guy!

  9. Thank you George. I mostly follow your blog for tips and techniques only but I have also read some of your reviews on lottery systems. I must say, you are the guru of lottery. You know everything about playing lotteries and teach from basics. May you too be happy and lucky.

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