Free Lottery Wheeling System Tricks to Increase Your Odds Like Magic!

Have you ever been frustrated with buying countless number of tickets and not winning the lottery a single time? I guess, you did because this is the story of almost every lottery player. When I started playing the lotteries, it was more frustrating because I had very limited money to invest. I had not thought of buying a new house or car because I believed lottery would give me all.

Well, I did make good money from lotteries but not as much as to buy a palace adjacent to luxury apartments in New York. Everyone fears bankruptcy so here are my free lottery wheeling system tricks to robustly increase your odds of winning!

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Understand The True Concept of Wheeling

Wheeling does not require you to pick random numbers to increase your odds. This round-robin system requires you to pick the best numbers using probability mathematics and then make their combinations to enter the lottery. In some wheeling systems, you win only if all the selected numbers match the lottery winning numbers. But there are also some lotteries that require only 4 or 6 or even less matching numbers for deciding the winners.

Apart from this concept of wheeling, it is also essential to consider the concept of wheeling lottery that you are playing. Some wheeling lotteries have different rules to select numbers. Make sure to go through the history and systematic approach of your selected wheeling lottery before picking your lucky numbers.

Create Your Master Lists

If you are good at probability mathematics and are really interested in free lottery wheeling systems then a great way to increase your odds is to create your own master lists. You can do this by purchasing a lottery wheel. These wheels are easily available in the market at reasonable costs.

Now I will give you an example to understand how to make your master lists.

Let’s say that you are starting with 10-number wheel.

Your master list includes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I includes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

Player 1 A H B D C E
Player 2 A F F C D B
Player 3 B D C B J A
Player 4 H C A I B J
Player 5 C B B J F C
Player 6 D A D F B A
Player 7 F E G E A D

For eight number wheels, following is the example.

Player 1 A B D F C E
Player 2 E F E C G F
Player 3 D G A B E B
Player 4 B C F A H D

Now if you are playing 6/49 lotto system and you are required to choose ten numbers then place one number under each alphabet. If every matching number gives you $1 then 7 numbers of tables matched with the winning numbers will give you $7.

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If you are new to lottery wheeling system then try playing in pools.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Free Lotto Wheeling System

  1. I have seen many frauds and scam lottery systems but I believe that they have prepared their own rope to hang themselves.

  2. After reading these tricks, I felt like I have spent my whole life on another playing, playing wheels ALL WRONG!

  3. My lucky numbers mostly work for me so I would rather stick with them.

  4. Hopes high and fingers crossed. I am back into action.

  5. These lottery guys think we are fools. Lotteries are fixed. There is no way to win a lottery. P.S. a disappointed alien.

  6. Hit like if you are also playing lotteries since more than three years and still finding true strategies.

  7. These strategies sound effective but you need to have lots of brains to practice frequency and probability.

  8. The most I would spend on a lottery wheel would be $5. Tell me if I can get it at this price from somewhere.

  9. I played an online lottery wheeling game with no other player at all. It was about picking my numbers and the game would tell the winning numbers. It had small winning prizes and it was like repetitive game charging $1.5 every time I chose my numbers. Ultimately, when I checked my credit I was shocked and pissed off. I had lost a lot of money and didn’t win anything at all. I am mentioning my experience here so that none of my lottery friends fall for such crap.

  10. Lotteries are as real as the coffee of that brand, y’all know who I am talking about. But lotteries are also life changing. My only point is that you don’t only need to win lotteries but you also need to know about ways to save your prize money. Many lottery winners bankrupt after a few years. Ever thought why?

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