Insightful Tricks to Avoid Lottery Wheeling System Scam

Let me tell you one of my experiences with lottery wheeling system scam. Years ago, when I was on my visit to Asia, I thought to give a shot to lottery in Singapore. The casino was beautiful and the screens were showing huge prize money that night. My luck has never favored me with jackpots but I did make good money. I was asked to wait to collect money. I waited for hours but the game continued without paying me. Offended and enraged, I yelled at the management and I was thrown out of the casino for breaking laws. Those beautiful screens displayed my name among disqualified contestants. A few weeks later, I realized it was a scam to escape paying me money.

Some years later, I switched to online lotteries. Some of the lottery systems paid me and some never received my calls. In short, scam is everywhere. You just have to be a little tricky to make sure that you receive what you win.

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Most of the people play full wheel lottery and abbreviated wheel lottery so here are my tricks to escape lottery wheeling system scams.

Escaping Full Wheel Lottery Scams

In full wheel lottery system, you have to play on all lottery winning numbers. You win if all lottery winning numbers are there in your lottery ticket that is generated based on the numbers you pick. In most cases, the layer is announced the winner if two or more numbers are matched in the ticket.

The only problem with this lottery system is that you have to pick random numbers. The tickets are always very expensive. You have to make 210 combinations of numbers and in order to make all combinations work, you need to purchase 210 tickets. Many people have ended up with bankruptcy when playing with full wheel lottery system scams.

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Another problem with full wheel lottery system is of the frequency of numbers. In majority of the lottery systems, we can apply probability mathematics to win lotteries but in full wheel lottery system, we need to apply frequency mathematic. But there is no guarantee that the numbers which appeared frequently among the winning numbers will be included among the winning numbers this time also. The solution is to play in pools to divide profit and loss, both.

Escaping Abbreviated Wheel Lottery System

Abbreviated wheel lottery system is less expensive as you have to buy a few tickets for playing the lottery. Pick 4 and pick 6 systems have best outcomes in abbreviated lottery system. Apply probability mathematics or pick lottery numbers randomly to play abbreviated wheel lottery system. It becomes lottery wheeling system scam in terms of luck only.

You will spend less amount on tickets but it is not necessary that the numbers you picked are included among the winning numbers. Do you remember the case of that European guy who randomly purchased almost all tickets but left a few tickets for others? His billions of pounds sunk when the winning numbers were found in the tickets which he had left. The solution is to use probability mathematics to play abbreviated wheel lottery system.

Above all, you cannot win over luck with mathematics but you can definitely reduce the loss.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lottery Wheeling System Scam

  1. My friends have gone nuts after knowing these tricks.

  2. I like your style of explaining Professor.

  3. Lottery is always scam. It’s easy to get trapped in it.

  4. That’s all! I love the way you categorized scams. It’s easy to escape lottery scams if we understand the type of game we play.

  5. I do remember the case of that European guy. He had lost a lot of wealth with one foolish mistake.

  6. Someone told me a few tricks and after trying out those tricks for many months, I realized what bag full of shit I was carrying. They didn’t work at all and I was throwing money in river to never get it back.

  7. Don’t you think it’s a bit weird but same thing happened with me in Brazil. I was playing in pool in a casino and I was the only one foreigner over there. The pool guys tool all money and threw me on street. I didn’t know anyone there, that’s probably my mistake. But thankfully, I was saved by the local police.

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