Honest Review of Lotto Guy Lottery System: The Truth

Lotto Guy Lottery System has been backed by many positive online reviews but does that really make it a true moneymaking lottery system?

When I visited the official website of The Lotto Guy Lottery System, I was a little shocked to see that the system claimed 30% winning ratio as compared to 50% or even 98% winning ratio claimed by other lottery systems. That made me curious instead of infuriating me. Was it a realistic claim or they were just trying to market with the ‘honesty’ factor? Here is what I found after trying out Lottery Guy Lottery System.

There are two types of lottery winning systems out there in the market. The first type is of past drawn number systems in which you enter details about your favorite lottery system and after reading and tracking the past records, the lottery system guesses new numbers. The second type is pattern analysis system in which different mathematical formulae are applied to lottery pattern and lottery winning numbers are guessed this way.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a pattern analysis system which automatically makes it more legitimate than others. It also won global pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery polls. But these stats don’t verify that Lotto Guy Lottery System is the best bang for your buck.

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This lottery system has a few more things that are completely different from other lottery systems. It does not allow affiliate marketing which means that the reviews you read online are written by real people and not paid affiliate marketers. Another benefit of ‘no affiliate marketing’ policy is that you get technical support from the makers of this lottery system and not from the affiliates.

Secondly, it does not promise to help you win the jackpot. It helps you win small lotteries by giving you 3 or 4 closest winning numbers to increase your take home money.

Does this system work, you ask. It is a smart thing to win small amounts of lotteries more frequently to win total amount of money that is almost equal to the amount of jackpot. It is easy and simple to win with The Lotto Guy Lottery System.


As Lotto Guy Lottery System does not allow affiliate marketing, you always speak to the real people, the makers of this lottery system, which ensures better technical support. Their crew offers 24×7 online and phonic technical support.


  • It is a pattern analysis system which works completely on the basis of mathematical formulae and equations.

  • No affiliate marketing ensures support from real people.

  • Lotto Guy System helps you win small lotteries, not jackpot.

  • It gives you 3 to 4 winning numbers.


After using Lotto Guy Lottery System, I got impressed by the fact that they market what they actually do. No fake promises or illegitimate claims, so for this feature I will give it 5/5 points. And I will give 4.5/5 for technical support as well. The only thing I was not pleased with is the option of lifetime subscription. They should have given separate options for lifetime and monthly subscriptions. I will give 2/5 for this feature. So overall I will give The Lotto Guy Lottery System 4/5 points.

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Good luck for your lottery passion!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto Guy Lottery System

  1. I have seen Lotto Guy among top five lotteries on poll. Is this the same lottery?

  2. Not even my pug would bother believing this lottery. It is a clear scam.

  3. I have tried Lotto Guy and it is good to get flat tire of your car repaired from its winnings. It doesn’t benefit more than this.

  4. It is not easy to win with lottery software like this. I would rather trust my own instincts.

  5. This lotto guy says he is an expert in powerball but I never made anything.

  6. Never heard of a single winner with this lottery. How is it among top five lotteries then?

  7. I am a newbie in lottery and after reading these reviews, I am honesty fearing losing money with this.

  8. Hey Professor!| I am a school teacher and want to try my luck with lotteries also. I was seriously considering playing with lotto guy and I have read some good reviews about it but some bad reviews too. I am troubled now. Any advice?

  9. Sucked up with this hooligan. This guy is looting people. His system is so expensive and he never pays back when you call him. I tried many times to contact him but the lines are either busy or someone picks and hangs up the phone. I feel like they have blocked my emails too. I want my money back or I would choose some serious option to get it back, swear.

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