Is Lotto Guy Lottery System Free of Risk? – TRUTH EXPOSED!

It is not tough to expose a lottery system, they say and I agree. But you have to pour some money in and this is why we all prefer reading reviews first. But how sure are you that the review you are reading is not a paid one?

About this Lotto Guy Lottery System review, I will say that many of you might be disappointed after reading this because you have already been preached about its high-end lottery formulae and its global ranking as top lottery system in Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 ranking.

But I would rather prefer exposing the truth and revealing if Lotto Guy Lottery System is free of risk or not?

How it Works?

Lotto Guy Lottery System is a little different from other lottery systems but it is pretty understandable. You just log in to your account and start playing lotteries. It does not ask you to add information about previous lottery systems.

All you have to do is simply click to get numbers. Lotto Guy Lottery System reads the numbers and applies mathematical formulae to it.

With 3 closest numbers, it claims to help you get 30% ROI.

It also offers you to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, which I think is quite ridiculous with just 30% return.

How Much Money?

Money matters more than anything else in today’s world. You can buy Lotto Guy Lottery System for $19.95 only. You will also get free US and Canada Scratch and Win lottery tickets worth of $30 to $40 along with some gifts and lottery winning tips from the Lotto Guy Lottery System experts.

With simple subtraction, we can say that you invest $19.95 and immediately get back $40 or more. In other words, you get a profit of $20. Have you ever bought something at half money and received gifts worth of its double price?

This is totally against rules of marketing and against common sense as well, and this is why I say that this system sucks.

How Legitimate?

Please don’t send us your testimonials anymore!

The website of Lotto Guy lottery System free claims that customers of this system should not send testimonials anymore as they have to go an extra mile for verification according to new FTC Astroturfing law.

The extra mile they need to go includes adding personal information of the sender of testimonials. I am sure they don’t need more information than the information required for opening a bank account. Verification and credibility is a company’s asset.

One more thing that makes me skeptical is that it does not offer monthly subscription so that we can unsubscribe whenever we want. It also does not guarantee money return like many other lottery systems.

You cannot even try it for free. Wait, WHAT????

Overall, I don’t trust quick picks or random number picking lottery systems but I thought to give it a shot after reading so many positive reviews. I would only give 1/5 stars to Lotto Guy Lottery System.

Lottery systems are not only for winning money but we also play them for personal satisfaction and adding a little more happiness to our lives. Everyone wants to avoid scams and gimmicks but here I take the responsibility of finding a really profitable lottery system. My benefit, you ask? I want to earn more money for buying my favorite sports car and I will not wait for anyone to find a workable lottery system for me.

I will keep on reviewing more lottery systems, so subscribe to my newsletter, and get first-hand authentic information on these systems.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto Guy Lottery System Free

  1. I completely agree with your review. I tried this lottery system but it didn’t help me make anything at all.

  2. This lotto guy lottery software looks cool. I will try this system for sure.

  3. Two thumbs down for Lotto Guy Lottery system. Thief alert!

  4. Sorry but lotto guy is not worth buying. And after reading your review, I am more certain about my claim on it.

  5. I agree with you Professor George! Lottery is a good way to pull out good bucks but something like lotto guy is definitely not worth spending money on

  6. Ridiculous system. I tried playing it in pools and we all lost what we had.

  7. I think there is not a single fully automated binary option software. You always have to lose something.

  8. In my opinion, lotto guy is nothing but a hyped up lottery system with no real-win stories.

  9. I have been trading since two years and I have tried lotto guy too. It felt like profitmaking system in beginning years but then I started losing money. I contacted their technical support and they reverted back with a short email asking about my problem. They also asked me to mark feedback option from positive and negative. I had marked negative. No response since then. Now winnings, obviously.

  10. The most important thing I noticed in lotto guy lottery system is that it talks a lot about money. Pay xx to buy this lottery. Pay xx to try. Pay xx to get more tips. I think this is enough to make anyone realize how scammed this system is. But again, you realize this only after buying this lottery system. I would suggest all to go thoroughly through this review to know how lotto guy tricks people.

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