Exposed! – You Have No Idea about Lotto Guy Lottery System Scam

A lot of lottery system producers pay fat commissions to affiliates to promote their products. But here I am going to expose the truth of every lottery system because I don’t want anyone else to waste their money like I did.

It is true that people do earn from lottery systems but NOT FROM EVERY LOTTERY SYSTEM!

It would be unfair if I say that Lotto Guy Lottery System is a scam without tabling the facts about it, so here is what I found from this system.

Is It a Total Waste?

Lotto Guy Lottery System promises a stupendous 30% return on investment while other systems like Lotto Crusher System and Lotto MIT System claim to give you returns of up to 80%. So does that mean Lotto Guy Lottery System is a scam – a total waste of money?

I think it is not a total waste but you do lose money to an extent.

The first thing that woke my senses up was that they offer you gifts, free lottery tickets and tips to improve your odds while they charge only $19.95 from the buyers. It gives you Scratch and Win tickets for the US and Canada free of cost while other systems charge $30 to $40 for these tickets.

Let’s calculate now. They give you lottery tickets worth of, let’s say, $30. Plus, they give you gifts. Let’s assume the cost of these gifts to be $5. The total becomes $35. Remember that we are assuming the lowest costs. You purchase Lotto Guy Lottery System for $19.95 or say it $20.

$20 – $35 = -$15

Why would a company bear the loss of $15 to sell their product?

Ever heard about anything like THIS?

Why it Sucks More?

Now here is something that will really piss you off. When Lotto Guy Lottery System was started, it used to allow people to add recommendations. I have no idea if they were paid recommendations or original ones.

Now when this system is really out to the world with a large buyer base, they have closed recommendations.

The official website says that due to new stricter FTC Astroturfing guidelines, the testimonials submitted to their website need to be thoroughly proven (which requires some personal information only). Therefore, to get rid of the hassle, the website has closed testimonial submissions.

My argument here is that why a company will not go an extra mile to get more credibility and to get verified?

I think credibility sells more than advertising, then why?

Here is More you Didn’t Know Before Reading This Review

  • In Pick5, Pick6, and Pick7 global lottery ranking, Lotto Guy Lottery System has been ranked as number 1.

  • It helps you win small lotteries by guessing the number through the formula application method. It does not ask you to enter previous information about the lottery system.

  • But unlike many other systems, it does not offer money back guarantee. You purchase the system once and all your money is gone. No monthly subscriptions to unsubscribe and no return policy – are you skeptical now?

For not making unbelievable promises like other systems, I will give Lotto Guy Lottery System 4 stars. For not providing a return or unsubscribe policy, I will give it 2 stars. It does not allow us to enter reviews and testimonials so I will give it 1 star for this. Overall, I will give 2/5 stars to Lotto Guy Lottery System.

My view is that you should look for more credible and better lottery systems than spending money on Lotto Guy Lottery System.

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May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto Guy Lottery System Scam

  1. Praying to God is the only way to win with lotto guy and I am an atheist.

  2. So many quirks in one system, I am stunned like anything.

  3. I have lost twice in binary with lotto guy and my friends are trolling.

  4. FTC Austroturfing guidelines don’t ask to hide recommendations. That’s crap!

  5. Lotto guy promise fabulous prize money but didn’t make me earn even double.

  6. I had my free lucky dip from lotto guy. Nothing else.

  7. I’m gonna stick with combination lotteries. These powerlball software are beatin’ the crap outta nothing.

  8. Stop making innocent people fool. I have lost three months of savings and that was all I had in emergency times. You people can make money in any other way. Why you always find ways to bilk.

  9. I bought five $25 worth tickets and purchased this system with $20. That makes $45 total. But then I won $25 of prize money on one ticket. No response when I tried to claim my money. I sent an email and then tried to write in the comment and recommendation section but it was also closed. So technically it is a loss of $45 in total.

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