Lotto Guy Lottery System Software – Is it Really the Topper or Just Another Scam?

There are lottery systems in the market like Formula 1 which took 27 years to create a formula that unlocks lotteries. And then there are systems like Lotto Crusher System which took only 6 months for same purpose. For us, it does not matter how long lottery systems take to unlock lotteries.

The only thing that matters for us is whether they work or not? Would they help us earn money or just destroy our odds?

You might have already read about Lotto Guy Lottery System Software’s top ranking in Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 global lottery ranking. It might just be another hyped up scam. Here is what this software really contains and how it works.

You Have Been Playing Lottery Wrong!

You might have tried different lottery winning systems but this one is different. Lotto Guy Lottery System Software guesses the numbers of lottery by applying mathematical formulae. It guesses 3 to 4 closest numbers and helps you win small lotteries while increasing the number of your winnings to qualify for the jackpot.

According to the official website of Lotto Guy Lottery System, this software also helps you win the jackpot.

As a fair assessment of this system, it does not help you win lottery every time but it increases the number of small winnings. Sometimes, you may also lose money and get no profit at all. That’s how most of the lotteries work in casinos.

What’s Behind Lotto Guy Lottery System

Most of the people consider money as the most important factor of lottery. Lotto Guy Lottery System Software promises 30% return on your investment and this is what we get from lottery systems which claim 90% returns.

But there are a few things that might make you skeptical if you deeply look into this system. Firstly, it does not offer money back guarantee like other lottery systems do. Secondly, it does not offer any free version which can be used to assess the rate of success with this software or practice your skills on it.

Another important thing is that you can get this software for $19.95 only but it gives you gifts-on-purchase of worth $40.

The Next Part Will Prove if It is a Scam or Not!

Declaring a lottery system scam or not depends on personal experiences. This lottery system may work for some people and may not work for others. For me, it worked at times and sometimes I lost my money.

On the basis of this experience, I cannot claim that it is a scam because I also won money with it but I can definitely say that for making more profit, we need to find out a system that works EVERYTIME.

I will rate Lotto Guy Lottery System Software with 3 points only because:

  • Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails.

  • It does not offer money back guarantee.

  • It does not provide any free trial version.


  • It may help you win small lotteries.

  • It gives realistic number of winning a lottery with this software i.e. 30% ROI.

  • You get gifts on purchasing the software.

For increasing your bids and making more profit, I would recommend you to give other lottery systems a shot apart from Lotto Guy Lottery System. If you want to save money and time then subscribe to my newsletter and read honest reviews about lottery systems. Just enter your email ID in the given subscription box and start receiving your FREE copy of newsletter from today!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto Guy Lottery System Software

  1. I know Formula 1 took 27 years to find out a formula but Professor, I think one formula cannot fit different types of lotteries, like one dress size cannot fit humans with different weights.

  2. Hi George! Your reviews are very helpful, especially for staying updated with latest market information.

  3. Lotto guy helped me increase my odds but never made me able to reach the jackpot. Where am I missing?

  4. Lotto guy lottery ranking is just noise. This is a messed up software with no proper customer support.

  5. Authentic lotteries help you win at least once. This lottery system is total gimmick and I don’t live in fool’s paradise to continue using it.

  6. Thanks George! Yes I calculated and it was just 2.5% total return.

  7. Gosh I feel so relieved. I was about to buy this in a day or two. I am saved now.

  8. Just lost another ticket with lotto guy lottery system.

  9. I believe nobody would share information if they find a fit-all formula for unlocking lotteries. This lotto guy would not be selling a software application if he knew a formula. He would have used it to win lotteries first and buy everything he wants. May be, he would reveal the formula after that. But again, there would have been chances of getting trapped by law enforcement authorities.

  10. I agree with Professor George here. Many lottery software applications help you make good bucks. Why would anyone waste money on a software like this that has no recommendations or positive reviews in bank.

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