Here is How MIT Students Won $8 Million in the Massachusetts Lottery

When I heard about the gambling of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students, it seriously shocked me. After all, they couldn’t win $8 million so easily with the Massachusetts lottery. $8 million is seriously a big amount! But I must say that they achieved what others could only have dreamt of and were never able to do.

I wonder how they got to know its tactics and techniques to win. But as per the TIME reports, the MIT students knew how to win the Massachusetts lottery. I have discovered how MIT students won this lucrative lottery. If you also want to discover and know about the ins and outs of it, read on.

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Know the Tactic Behind the Success of the MIT Students

Regardless of the crime, we cannot neglect the fact that the students were genius. They say, with great power comes great responsibility. I think the same happened with the MIT students. The brilliant students used their prodigious and extraordinary math skills to fool the state of the Massachusetts lottery systems.
As I always say, it all depends on the way the person plays and the way they use their mind. Once you get the right strategy of numbers, you can earn millions of dollars in the lottery systems.

How MIT Students Got to Know about the Massachusetts Lottery Systems?

Coming back to the MIT students, long ago they were doing their research for their school project; they found this lucrative lottery game opportunity in their country. I must say, the children were math whizzes, and they discovered that buying around $100,000 in Cash WinFall tickets can make them win and give them a good investment return.

On the other hand, as per the New York Daily News, buying $600,000 worth of tickets could bring 15% to 20% of return on investments. The MIT students proved their efficiency and intelligence when they bought the jackpot ticket of $2 million and divided the prize money among the group members. But wait, all this does not ends here. There is more to it.

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Here’s What They Did After Winning the Lottery

The MIT students were so successful in their adventure that they wanted earn more. They needed money to purchase the requisite number of the lottery tickets. Can you guess what they did? Well, they brought in the investors to front the money they required to purchase those tickets.

There were several organizations that sprang up to take advantage of the Cash WinFall loopholes, but still the MIT students managed to be one of the most successful and great achievers of the lottery system. According to the Boston Globe reports, the group had earned almost $8 million and soon they won the entire jackpot in a single drawing. Though, it is a crime, but this was something tremendously done by the MIT students.

I highly recommend you to play with honesty and open mind when dealing with lottery systems.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto MIT System

  1. Do this today and you will be robbed off all you have.

  2. What genius they did? It was purely luck. Lotteries have become clever. It’s impossible to do this now.

  3. I agree. This is the era of online lotteries. MIT students’ case is just luck.

  4. Professor George, do you think its illegal? I think even if its not illegal, its unethical. Well, lotteries are also unethical. xoxo

  5. If I were the student, I would have purchased a cool vintage car, upgraded it to turn into mobile home, and toured around the world.

  6. $8 million is a big prize money. I wonder nobody caught them. I mean, the government would have devised a silly law against someone doing this in 2016.

  7. They were pure geniuses. I am a business student and many crowdfunding companies are doing this same thing in business investments. I don’t think its illegal but it’s a bit tricky. And of course you need managerial skills.

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