Lotto MIT System Reviews May be Missing the Important Facts that You Must Know

I have been reading about the achievements of MIT students – from making drugs for controlling fatal diseases to finding out innovative business solutions. But who knew that these genius minds will once break into a $8 million lottery and that too without getting trapped?

You Don’t Believe in Life-changing Lotteries, Right?

Many people don’t believe in life-changing lotteries, that’s OK!

But for MIT students, cracking just one code was definitely life-changing.

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Finding out a perfect lottery system is definitely the key to your life-changing lottery experience. The three geniuses who unlocked the code of WinFall were definitely lucky to find a perfect lottery system WinFall – buy a ticket for $2 and pick 6 numbers to win a cap rate of $2 million. Amazing. Even I am feeling blessed right now.

Anyways, the officials claim that the odds of winning WinFall were only one in a million.

Here is What Other Lotto MIT System Reviews Don’t Tell

Now here is something I am going to reveal that no other lotto MIT system reviews will tell you.

It became a life-changing experience when the group decided to buy lottery tickets in bulk and increasing your odds. If none of the players or groups were able to match all the six numbers then one winner will be chosen based on rolling effect.

In rolling effect, the player with highest and closest numbers is selected as the winner. For example, WinFall is pick 6 lottery system. If 6 numbers are not matched then the player with 5 matching numbers would be the winner. And if 5 numbers are also not matched, then the player with 4 matching numbers will be chosen.

The genius guys used probability mathematics to create perfect combinations, bought a lot of tickets to increase their odds, and this is how they won.

Why We Should Not be Surprised?

Lotto MIT system reviews will tell you a lot about how there was a group of genius people who wanted to start big, created lottery formulae, and and and…..

Actually, this success is entirely research based. Let me explain. The three guys who broke the code of Cash WinFall game of Massachusetts State Lottery were not mathematics geniuses. They included a Michigan retiree, a biomedical researcher, and a student of MIT.

James Harvey was a student of MIT and was already doing research on a senior project. He found out a strategy, what he defines as a ‘win more lose nothing’ strategy.

This strategy involved buying many tickets. James Harvey tried this technique in 2005 and was successful. He shared the strategy with another university mate Yuran Lu and together they started Random Strategies, a betting company.

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Dr. Ying Zhang was a biomedical researcher. He also figured out the strategy and started Doctor Zhang Lottery Club Limited Partnership in 2005. In 2006, the Doctor left his job and started focusing entirely on WinFall.

In the same year Gerald Selbee, a Michigan retiree created GS Investment Strategies of Michigan. It was a group of 32-member syndicates, ready to invest in lotteries, focusing WinFall.

So we can say that this is how the concept of lottery pools emerged.

When I was studying about Lotto MIT system, I wasn’t surprised to read that this group used to purchase around 312,000 tickets per group.

Let’s Rate The Intelligence

As I always say, buying many lottery tickets is not always the right solution. It may or may not work. In this case, it worked because the three people were probability mathematics geniuses. For their success, we should give them 5 out of 5 on our rating scale, but for this technique, I am still uncertain.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

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  1. You are 100% right Professor. I am your regular follower and I always love your logic.

  2. I agree with Professor George. The MIT guys were using right strategy for right type of system.

  3. I don’t believe anyone could be so lucky or technical. May be lottery business was going down and they spread a fake news for pulling it up.

  4. Research and that too in Mathematics? Not my thing bro

  5. There’s nuffin like win more lose nuffin. Loss is where victory is.

  6. I think partnership of many businesses also emerged in the same era

  7. How would we know that something could be profitable? Lotteries are so unpredictable that there is no one way finding out true solution. Lotteries are very deceptive like girlfriends.

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