Here is How the Lotto MIT System Scam May Roll You Down

Have you ever thought of winning a lottery without hitting all the winning numbers? Neither did I, but there is a group of some genius people who thought, played and conquered. I hope I didn’t sound melodramatic.

I am talking about a student from MIT, a Michigan retiree, and a biomedical researcher who didn’t fully unlock Cash WinFall lottery code but increased their odds to win more.

At first, you would think that they created a mathematical formula and used it to unlock the lottery. Well, there are so many things involved in this lottery system that I now believe that anyone else trying this technique with today’s lotteries may not succeed. For them, it was a successful technique, but for us, it is Lotto MIT System Scam. Don’t worry! I will tell you everything about this story.

The Basics You Will Know From Anywhere Else

James Harvey (the student), Dr. Ying Zhang (the biomedical researcher) and Gerald Selbee (the Michigan retiree) are the three lucky people who won millions of cap rate of WinFall. If you want to know more about their details then read my Lotto MIT System Reviews May be Missing the Important Fact that You Must Know review.

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The three people studied WinFall system and found out that it works on ‘roll down’ strategy. The players have to pick 6 number after purchasing tickets. The lottery system declares players with matching 6 numbers as the winners. If there is not a single player with matching 6 numbers then the players with matching 5 numbers is selected. If player with 5 matching numbers is also not available then player with 4 matching numbers is selected and so on.

If you look closely, this system itself offers good chances of making right combinations and winning the lottery IF YOU ARE A PROBABILITY MATHEMATICS GENIUS.

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The three guys played in pools and purchased many tickets. Then they used probability mathematics to create the right combinations and won $3.5 million from WinFall.

Now I will tell you why this system could be a scam for us.

The winning cap rate of WinFall is $2 million and a report says that the probability of winning is one in a million. Have a look at this table.

Number of matching numbers

Probability of winning

Standard prize

Roll-down prize money on February 08, 2010

Rounds of winning tickets to expect from 200,000 purchases

Expected winnings out of these purchases

5 out of 6 1 odd in 39,028 $4000 $22,096 5 $110,480
4 out of 6 1 in 800.58 $150 $807.52 250 $201,880
3 out of 6 1 in 47.40 $5 $26.85 4219 $113,280
2 out of 6 1 in 6.83 Free bet 29,283


So the total of winning amount is $425,640.

If the winning prize money for the three geniuses was $3.5million then we can expect that 5 out of 6, 4 out of 6, and 3 out of 6 numbers were matching on their tickets.

But why it is Lotto MIT System scam for us?

This technique successfully worked for a lottery with ‘roll down’ policy. But currently, most of the lotteries are based on hit or miss type lottery systems. You may try out this technique if you find a lottery system like WinFall, but don’t forget to inform me about it also.

If you find a lottery system suitable for this technique then I will definitely rate it 5/5. But if the system is not suitable then…let it be!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto MIT System Scam

  1. I don’t think it’s truly a scam but it can take any fool to paradise and work like scam for them.

  2. Does anybody know a system like WinFall here?

  3. Aristotle says that Well Begin is Half Done. They began well so they half did the job already.

  4. People not believing these genius minds should stop being narcissists. It was their strategy and research that made them win over losers.

  5. Shit man! $8 million is life changing money.

  6. Dreams do come true if someone struggles hard. For some people, success comes and knocks like this case.

  7. There should have been more lotteries like this in the market. Most of lotteries are scam nowadays. I have tried many and found all scumbags.

  8. George I have read many lottery review blogs but I must say yours are the most original of all. Almost every blog has more or less similar info but your logic and information is unique. I believe you personally experience lotteries and find logics in them. Good job!

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