Tips and Techniques to Win Hit or Miss

We have been talking about a multiple lottery winning techniques that help you win a lottery system. Among all the lottery systems, Hit and Miss is a bit different. Now, let me explain here. Hit and Miss is the Illinois lottery game where you can possibly win if you hit or miss any of your number. Sounds interesting?

If you shook your head in yes, then you should keep in mind that you can also win the Top Prize of $250,000 instantly and The Good Life Number prize of $100,000. Imagine yourself winning both the prizes; you could become a millionaire by playing Hit or Miss.

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Here are the Tips You Have Been Waiting For!

Before we move on to the tip and techniques of the game, you should remember that this game is quite tricky and you need to play it smartly. Also, make sure that you know well how to play the game.

Tip # 1: Don’t Forget to Either Match or Miss the 12 Numbers!

When you head towards the game, you need to either match all the 12 numbers or none of the 12 numbers in order to win the Top Prize of $250,000 immediately. In addition, there is also a chance of winning the prize when you match the Good Life Number along with the matching or missing of all 12 numbers. Remember that a player can also win at a lower prize level when matching less than 12 numbers.

Tip # 2: Secret Behind 20 Hit or Miss Game Panels

Another tip I want to reveal is that in any drawing where the number of the Hit or Miss game panels is either matching zero or twelve winning number is usually greater than 20. As you know, the Grand Top Prize is dependent on a pari-mutuel basis instead on a fixed prize basis. For this reason, if more than 20 Hit or Miss game panels match either 12 of 12 or 0 winning numbers, then the awarded prize will be derived by dividing $5,000,000 by the number of Prize Winning Hit or Miss game panels.

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Tip 3: The Good Life Numbers Matching

In case of any drawing where the Hit or Miss game panel the Good Life Numbers matches the Good Life Number are greater than 4 and if the same game panel either matches 12 or 0 winning numbers, then the prize is all yours! The Good Life number prize will be paid on a pari-mutuel basis instead of a fixed prize basis.

Among all the lottery games, I personally like Hit or Miss Lottery game. If you ask me the reason to it, then I think it is one of the most exciting Illinois lottery game. Also, I know the tricks to win; as a result I find it very convenient. I have seen many winning Top Prize and the Good Life Number prize. You should also try and play it.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

8 thoughts on “Lotto System 12

  1. Who knew I will make 2X in a week with Hit or Miss?

  2. Lottery should work like miracles and this game is a no miracle man!

  3. I am planning to play Hit or Miss tomorrow with my lucky numbers.

  4. This is plain shit. No wonder how they earn so much!

  5. Thanks for your tips Professor. I think Hit or Miss is worth-trying only if you know your lucky numbers. Anybody choosing random numbers would lose.

  6. Wow. They are giving out big prize money but ticket price is way too low. I don’t think this is a legit system to play. I don’t believe in lucky numbers and since I cannot apply any strategy on Hit or Miss, I would refrain from playing this weird game!

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