Lotto System 12 Review with Facts that You Must Know
Before You Lose Money!

We have been discussing lottery system scams and you know that most of the systems contain more or less similar types of scam strategies. But in this Lotto System 12 review, I will tell you about how this software bilks people even without letting them know for years.

Here is a New Way of Bilking People with Fine Lottery Software

Hit or Miss Lotto system 12 is an Illinois based lottery software but people from all around the world can try their luck on this software. As the name clearly suggests, you either hit or you miss the prize money. Clearly, it is a random pick number system and therefore, the chances of winning are extremely low because you cannot apply strategies and tactics in this lottery system.

In this lottery system 12 review, I will tell you about how Hit or Miss works and how it deceives people. So let us start!

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Hit or Miss lotto system 12 is a two step lottery game. In the first step, you choose random numbers from a panel of 1 to 24 numbers. The software also offers you Quick Pick number generator system. By clicking on this button, the system generates random numbers for you.

Does this sound logical to you? Consider a man with $2000. He asks another man a question, then helps him answer the question and then hands over $2000 winning money to the second man. My question is that what did the first man get in return?

Anyways, after picking numbers, you choose the number of consecutive leads or drawings by choosing numbers from 1 to 24. Finally, you generate the results.

Here is How Much You Will Lose by Entering Wrong Numbers

Sometimes, we enter wrong numbers in the lottery software. In Hit or Miss, you can mark VOID circle to skip that panel and move to fresh panel if you mark wrong numbers. So technically, you don’t lose any money right? Actually, you do lose some money. Now here is something no other lotto system 12 review will reveal!

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Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 charges $2 for every fresh panel. If you enter wrong numbers and move to the next panel, your previous panel is discarded and the software charges additional $2 from your account.

The Role of Good Life Number Was Never This Much Witty!

Good Life Number is a random number that the software picks for you from 1 to 5. It works like winning numbers offered in other lottery systems. It gives you a chance of winning every year and the offer is valid for 20 years. The Good Life Number is only one number out of 12 numbers, which means that it offers you 8.333% wining probability once in a year. Other than that, you live on your fortune.

This is What Our Rating Scale Mentions!

It is very difficult to catch Hit or Miss scam but I believe that after reading this lotto system 12 scam, you will think twice before investing money in this lottery system. I will give it 1 out of 5 points because (let’s be generous) 0.25 is a very low number.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George


10 thoughts on “Lotto System 12 Review

  1. I live in Illinois and play casino lotteries. They are always cooler than online lotteries.

  2. I wonder why they even allow games like Hit or Miss. Why don’t they keep these goons in prisons?

  3. I am late. I already lost money playing Hit or Miss.

  4. Thanks Professor. I wonder what I would have done if I never landed on your blog.

  5. What the hell! They charge you for entering wrong numbers too? You can’t change your numbers at all?

  6. Hit or Miss is easy to play, this is why people play it. But it is a total scam. Anybody who has tried Hit or Miss would know.

  7. There are pretty good chances of entering wrong numbers in alternate panels. How clever.

  8. Professor, I feel grieved but I must tell everyone about what happened with me. I tried playing Hit or Miss. I read their policy but it had no statement about discarding panel if we enter wrong numbers. So without knowing it, I clicked Refresh thinking that it would refresh my panel. It opened a new panel and small window to re-enter a coupon. This happened like three times. Be careful everyone. Online lotteries are biggest scams on planet.

  9. I started playing lotteries in college. We had online lottery fanatics then too but I never tried it. It’s not that I feared taking risk. But it’s just that I easily used to get skeptic about people behind these lotteries. You can fight the guys in casinos, you can beat the hell outta them but how would you know the guys operating behind online lotteries. How would you catch a guy living continents away from you? That’s it.

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