Spam Alert – Inside Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 Scam

You might be wondering about the number of combinations you can make with Lotto System 12. One thousand? May be! OK let us drop the suspense and come to the facts. Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 is completely different from the number combination game.

I also thought that I will have to make thousands of combinations and my winning probability would be pretty low. But the game is entirely different and there is something due to which I named it Lotto System 12 Scam. I will tell the reason after discussing the framework of this lotto system.

Have a Look at the Spam Alert for The Good Life Number of Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 Scam!

Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 scam basically comprises of two step process only including picking random numbers and marking consecutive drawings for winning the lottery. When you login to the single player panel, you will see 1 to 24 numbers. You pick unique numbers from this panel or click on Quick Pick button to ask the software to help you in picking the numbers.

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Now here comes my question. Why would a software ask you a question and help you give accurate answers in order to give you prize money? It seems as if money is losing its global worth or the software is a scam. I believe in the latter!

When you pick your number, the panel will automatically generate your Good Life Number randomly from number 1 to number 5.

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In the second step, you will see another panel of numbers. Mark the numbers from 2 to 24 to play consecutive drawings. You can use same numbers from first panel to play consecutive drawings. After that, you will see the results.

What Happens When You Mark Wrong Numbers?

You might be thinking that when you mark the wrong numbers, you are stuck with the system and more such negative thoughts come to mind. Well, here I must praise the software. If you mark wrong numbers in the first panel, you can mark the circle of VOID in the panel and move to next panel or terminal. Your chosen numbers in the first panel will be discarded and new panel will open.

Here Comes the Money Talk!

There is another thing that I liked about Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 scam. It deceives you but only up to the point of your choice! I know you didn’t get it, so let me explain it in simpler terms. The software does not ask you to pay hundreds of dollars once and all. It rather asks you to pay $2 for each new panel, which means that your $2 will be deducted every time you request a new panel or terminal.

Are You Wondering about the Good Life Number?

You start playing Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 scam and it gives you the Good Life Number or call it a good chance number or winning number. The offer of Good Life Number is valid for 20 years from the date you start playing it. The prize money for Good Life Number is $100,000.

We don’t need to calculate the numbers as The Good Life Number only offers a ‘chance of winning’ every year. You may keep on pouring money in the system and get half returns if you are lucky.

Let’s Rate it!

Hit or Miss Lotto System 12 scam is a very clear swindle but I must say that the designer and marketer of this program were genius. I will rate it 1 out of 5 and this 1 point is for clever design and marketing tactics.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto System 12 Scam

  1. Awesome work so far. I am a big fan of your analysis George!

  2. Hit or Miss looks quite simple. I will try, may be.

  3. It’s OK to play tricks with lotteries. These lottery guys also play tricks with us. They deserve our tricks.

  4. There could be some way to win Hit or Miss.

  5. I tried this lottery many times. It showed only 5 players at a time but I didn’t win even a single game. They have their own people to play and win. Scam!

  6. Try lottery wheels or pick lotteries. Anything like Hit or Miss will take your money and dump you.

  7. So this means that if I play 10 games in a day and mistakenly mark wrong numbers for 2 times, I will be paying for playing 12 times. If prize money is equal to the amount I paid for entering wrong number, what profit do I get? Even if their company pays equal money for letting me play lotteries, like many companies claim, still I am at loss. Hit or Miss is total fraud.

  8. That’s what I always say! Finally Professor will spread this word. If a lottery software promises to tell you winning numbers from another lottery system, that makes sense. But why a lottery app would tell you winning numbers of its own system. Such lotteries are clear scams.

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