The Lotto System 7 Reviews that Don’t Want You to Know
These Winning Secrets

Just before starting to plan for playing lotteries, I started dreaming about things that I will purchase with the lottery prize money. But in this review, I will reveal a few things that other Lotto System 7 reviews would never want you to know.

It is quite natural to dream about good days even before investing but that is an old story now. I have been playing lotteries since my college days and now I know that it is more important to plan before you play if you really want to win a lottery. Planning can help you win a jackpot as well.

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Increase Your Odds with Planning!

You can greatly increase your odds and turn things around simply by planning. The one thing I always say is that you should always understand the nature of lottery system that you are playing in order to make a strategy. But again, there are some tips of increasing your odds in all types of lottery systems.

For example, you can buy more tickets to increase your chances of winning. I remember that story of a European guy who bought almost all tickets of a lottery but the winning numbers were among those few tickets that he had left. LUCK is the only thing that weakens this strategy. This is why I don’t always support this strategy.

Play with Pools in the Beginning

I have read many Lotto System 7 reviews that claim it to be the cheapest system of all. In Lotto system 7, you need to pick 6 numbers and pay money for picking up an extra number so that you can make around 140 combinations. In other words, you pay for tickets like any other lottery system. Now I will tell what you can do to save your money.

The beginners don’t fear losing the game but they fear losing the money. As a beginner, you always need something that keeps you motivated for investing your hard-earned money. Therefore, I suggest beginner players to play with pools of experts. Your share of prize money can be as low as only 10% of the total prize money.

Even this small percentage of money will give you profit along with a number of tips and techniques from lottery experts to increase your winning odds. Therefore, play with pools in the beginning.

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Learn Probability Mathematics

I believe that probability mathematics is just another name of lottery systems. You don’t need any other tips or techniques if you are good at probability mathematics. I used to practice it every day. I used to ask a friend to assume random lottery winning numbers and then I solved the equations with probability mathematics to make as many combinations as possible.

Considering these tips, I believe that you can play any pick lottery system. Other lotto system 7 reviews didn’t want you to know these tricks but now I can safely say that you would give 4 out of 5 marks to every pick lottery system.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto System 7 Reviews

  1. Buying more tickets is the weakest strategy of all.

  2. I agree that you should play in pools in beginning years.

  3. I already give 4 out of 5 to every pick lottery. Pick lotteries are the only real ones.

  4. Lottery is the only thing where high school mathematics is functional 😀

  5. Pools are good to go if you know the people in person. If no, then don’t play with random people.

  6. Only your passion can keep up motivation. Lotteries are the most demotivating game ever but also very addictive.

  7. LUCK is always the reason to make you win a lottery.

  8. Try playing new lotteries. I bet players can find a number of ways simply by poking nose into lottery techniques of other people. Get associated with someone expert at lotteries. Probability math is itself the lottery expert.

  9. I don’t like big pick lotteries like pick 7 and pick 12. These are good only if you pick random numbers. Otherwise you make hundreds of combinations and that freaks me out.

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