Can Common Lottery Winning Tricks Help You Escape
Lotto System 7 Scam?

We have been talking about a number of lottery winning techniques that can allow you to win any lottery system. But lotto system 7 scam is quite different from other lottery systems. Let me explain it here. We can divide pick lottery systems in the categories of even and odd lottery systems. In latter category, the most common lottery systems include pick 3 and pick 5 lottery systems. These are small number lottery systems and do not require a lot of technical expertise to win the prize money.

In contrast, lotto system 7 requires you to make at least 140 combinations to win a lottery. All those techniques including assuming important dates and making combinations based on probability mathematics do work for other pick lottery systems. But are these techniques equally effective for lotto system 7? Let us find out!

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What About the Important Date Trick?

It is not my favorite trick but assuming important dates may work sometimes. In lotto system 7, the winning numbers may include 5, 6, or 7 numbers in total. We have total 8 numbers in a date i.e. 00/00/0000 (D/M/Y). The chances of winning in lotto system 7 increase with this trick, as 7 is a closer number to 8. Your odds of winning decrease if the winning numbers are less than 7 numbers.

Is Probability Mathematics the King?

I have always believed in the power of probability mathematics. For me, probability mathematics can help you escape any lottery scam including lotto system 7 one. But the only problem is that you need to practice it a lot in order to make 140 combinations accurately. The best way is to start from pick 3 lotteries, make less probability combinations, and gradually move to grander numbers like pick 7 and pick 12 lottery systems.

The Story of Evens and Odds

If you want to make high probability combinations to increase your winning odds, then you can give a shot to evens and odds trick. In this trick, we make combinations of even and odd numbers with different ratios that are closest to 50. For example, the combinations of 6 numbers with this trick include the first combination of three even numbers and three odd numbers, the second combination of two even numbers and four odd numbers, and the third combination of two odd numbers and four even numbers.

In lotto system 7, you can use the same trick along with replacing the middle number with numbers from 0 to 9. This trick is more helpful in even pick systems and when you don’t trust your probability mathematics skills.

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I believe that all pick lottery systems are good to go if you know the tricks. You escape lotto system 7 or any other lottery system scam after gaining some experience. But if you are a beginner, then the best way is to start your career by playing in pools only. If you only want to practice, then play small lotteries and buy fewer tickets.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto System 7 Scam

  1. I think evens and odds trick will reduce your odds of winning because lotto 7 asks you to make so many combinations.

  2. I think delta would work the best with lotto 7.

  3. Something inside me died when it said lotto system 7 is different. No! its not! All lotteries are scams. These are ways of bilking people.

  4. Date trick is so old but it is still functional. I wonder why people don’t use it commonly.

  5. Agreed. Date trick may be older but it is such a cool way of winning a lottery when you know nothing. I know basic probability but not advance one. Date trick always works for me.

  6. It always depends on which lottery you are playing. For keeping my money safe, I search history of online lottery game. I would rather quit if it is even a little bit doubtful. We work hard to earn money. Why throw it in blind wells?

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