Here is What You didn’t Know about Lotto System Gewinntabelle 6Aus49

German lotteries are one of the oldest European lotteries. Wikipedia says that American and English lotteries date back to 1600s. Well I am not that old so I have no idea about it. But there is one thing for sure that gambling was not one of the European assets brought to the US by homesteaders.

A Quick Look on 6Aus49’s Background

The German Lotto and TotoBlock is 55 years old now. It is basically a collaboration of 16 independent lottery companies from 16 different states of Germany. These lottery companies act as separate entities but follow some rules, take guidance, and get approvals from the presidency of Block when needed. 6Aus49 is one of the companies.

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6Aus49 gives away € 2.8 Billion to the players every year in different games. The lottery players have been playing this traditional draw-style lottery since October 9th 1955. It is one of the most authentic and highest paid lotteries in Germany – authentic in a way that it actually gives away money.

Even today, the results of this lottery are announced every Saturday and Wednesday at Saarland Radio in Saarbrucken.

Are You Eligible to Play This Lotto System Gewinntabelle?

A few years ago, only German citizens were allowed to play this lottery. The players needed to be German citizens as well as the residents of Germany because lottery tickets were available at their local retail shops only.

Thanks to the internet that now you can buy tickets of this lotto system Gewinntabelle from any reliable online source. This is a draw based lottery therefore you only need to keep checking the results to match numbers of your lottery ticket, nothing more or less.

Along with that, the minimum age of lottery ticket buyer should be at least 18 years.

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The Result announcement System is unique!

Like other lottery systems, the results of 6Aus49 lottery are also published online on their website. You can check the results from their personal website or from other reliable websites. The results are also announced on the local German television networks.

At ARDTV, the result is announced at 7:57 PM on Saturday just before the news bulletin and at ZDF TV, the result is announced at 6:54 PM on Wednesday. is the national lottery website of Germany. The website does a live broadcast of the result announcement.

Where Does the Money of 6aus49 Go?

Many people don’t know about how prizes are paid and where does the money of 6aus49 go.

A cash lump sum of the total winning amount is paid to the winners. According to the rules of the German Lotto and TotoBlock, the winners of money can directly claim their prize money online while the results are being broadcasted. Otherwise, the winners can claim their money on official retailers of 6aus49 in their current state.

The same rule applies for other lottery companies in The German Lotto and TotoBlock.

Some lottery ticket sellers also require your bank account information for transferring the winning amount directly to your account. However, it is necessary that you claim money from the same retailer from whom you purchased the ticket.

The proceeds of this lottery are sent for services of federal people. Some money is also given to social work organizations for proceeding good causes.

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May you be happy and lucky!

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