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At first, I was a little confused and of course doubtful when I first heard about German lotteries. But despite geographical differences, I must admit that we lottery players share the same ground, the same zeal and the same love. My first experience with German lotteries was satisfying enough so I thought to give a shot to 6aus49, a lotto system Gewinntabelle.

You may or may not be aware of 6aus49 lotto system so let me introduce it a little here in this lotto system Gewinntabelle review.

Beware of the Surprises!

The lotto system Gewinntabelle 6aus49 is known as one of the richest European lottery games ever.

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Don’t be surprised, there is a lot more to come yet.

It is also a part of one of the oldest lottery blocks in Germany.

DLTB or The Deutscher Loto-und TotoBlock was formed around 55 years ago. A collaborative syndicate type group and contains 16 lottery companies as members. All these lottery companies are from different German states. By following some rules and landmarks defined by The Deutscher Loto-und Totoblock, these 16 lottery companies become the richest and the most powerful European lottery groups.

Play like a Pro!

The pressure of playing one of the richest European lotteries is enough to shake your hands. I completely understand that but this is how you make it a life-changing journey.

6aus49 is a draw-type lotto system Gewinntabelle and is popularly known to have given € 2.8 Billion as prize money in a year. It is an old lottery system therefore it doesn’t work like ordinary buy-ticket-to-win lotteries. Understanding how 6aus49 works will help you play and win like a pro, and that too without letting your hands shake.

It is a double matrix lottery system of 6/49 and 1/10. 6/49 means that you have to pick 6 numbers from 0 to 49 numbers. 1/10 means that after picking your winning 6 numbers, you pick one super number (known as Zahl in German) from 0 to 9 numbers.

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The super number or Zahl defines the category of jackpot and the prize categories (3, 5, 7 and 9).

If your super number matches with draw category number, and your 6 selected numbers also match with the winning numbers then you win the jackpot.

Forget Disappointment! I Repeat. Forget Disappointment!

The lotto system Gewinntabelle 6aus49 is played twice every week. The official national website of German lotteries broadcast live transmission of the announcement of results at 6:25 on Wednesday and 7:25 on Saturday. If you have purchased your tickets from a retailer, then you can also ask result from the retailer. You can also check reliable online lottery ticket selling websites for knowing the results.

Is it Time to Rate?

In this lotto system Gewinntabelle review, I think rating is not as much important because 6aus49 has a long history, good national status, and still good demand in the market. On a personal note, I like this system. Why, you ask. It is because this system is one of the few lottery systems that have preserved old lottery heritage.

Whatever! I know I am an old lad who still loves going to casinos!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

8 thoughts on “Lotto System Gewinntabelle Review

  1. Never heard of German lotteries before. But this one seems quite interesting.

  2. I think German lotteries are way better than other lotteries. They have more transparent system.

  3. Had been to a casino in Stuttgart once. What a cool place to play lotteries!

  4. Feels like you have to be very tactful to play Gewinntabelle.

  5. WOW! This guy has visited so many places. And I never tried a lottery outside California.

  6. I would love playing there if they give out huge prizes every week.

  7. A German lottery system…. Hmmm sounds interesting. Let me give it a shot.

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