Game Changer Strategies for Winning Lotto System Gewinntabelle Scam

A lottery system with millions in the jackpot and brilliant chances of winning is definitely a dream of every lottery player. And when you fail to win that lottery, it becomes a scam. My review is specifically for people who believe in rumors about Lotto system Gewinntabelle scam.

One of the most popular lotto systems Gewinntabelle or Germany lottery systems is 6aus49. This lottery game has been tried and tested for more than 55 years, and it has actually given out millions of Euros to its winners.

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You May Skip This Quick Look!

6aus49 is 6/49 and 1/10 double matrix lottery game in which you pick 6 numbers from 0 to 49 and 1 super number or Zahl from 0 to 9. Zahl is used to define the category of lottery from 3, 5, 7 and 9 and the six numbers are used to match with the winning numbers. You win the jackpot if your Super Zahl and six numbers are matched with the winning numbers.

If you are interested in playing 6aus49, then have a look on these game changer strategies to win the jackpot.

Take a Look on the Previous Results

6aus49 is more than 55 years old system so it is definitely impossible for me to write down all the winning results here. But I have a solution for this problem as well. is German national website that broadcasts and publishes the results of 6aus49. You can go to this website and search old results to study their strategy of winning number.

Many authentic websites also sell the lottery tickets of 6aus49. You can search and check the old results on this website.

The Date Game Strategy

The amount of lottery jackpot and the date of announcement of its results is important. Actually, very important!

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Studying the important dates can help you find out the possible combinations of winning numbers.

For example, if the lottery result announcement is 17 June then the important years for 17 June include these.

  • The arrival of Statue of Liberty in New York in 1885
  • The occupying of Latvia by Soviet Union in 1940
  • The beginning of Rubber Soul by the Beatles in 1965
  • Independence of Iceland from Denmark in 1944,
  • And for the love of soccer, the winning of FIFA World Cup by Brazil in 1962.

Number Combination Strategy

Most of the lottery systems display the number of players at a time. If you are watching the online announcement or ranking of the players, then you can make combinations based on the number of players. If there is more than usual number of players, then pick 0 to 5 numbers for Super Zahl. If there is less than usual number of players, then pick 5 to 9 numbers for Super Zahl.

Quick Tip

If you have played English lotteries, then you would know about Lucky Dip. In this technique, you can use online software to pick random numbers for you. Quick Tipp is a similar type of facility used in Germany. It functions the same as Lucky Dipp. Only the name is different.

Apart from these techniques, you can also increase your winning probabilities by playing in pools, especially if you are new to the lotteries. If you want to play in pools, then try finding German lottery pools instead of global ones. It would be better if you are able to find pools of experienced players.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Lotto System Gewinntabelle Scam

  1. My tip is to have a look on previous results of all 6/46 lotteries.

  2. Awesome blog. You are the man with skills, I must say.

  3. What a cool way to describe lottery strategies.

  4. It is difficult to find out best combinations from a lot many. I am waiting for Professor’s post about finding best combinations in lotteries.

  5. Only old lotteries like Gewinntabelle are trust worthy. All others are scum.

  6. I had been to Germany and Switzerland once. Swiss lotteries are more popular in Switzerland but Germans are birdshit crazy for Gewinntabelle. I also tried it once with my friends there but we didn’t win. People do fight over lottery results in my homeland but Germans didn’t fight at all. May be this lottery is that much transparent.

  7. It looks like a cool lottery. I have never heard of it but it sounds so authentic that I badly want to play it right now.

  8. Gewinntabelle is such a large lottery that people from all over Germany and world take part in it. Results are announced on internet and TV. I think playing such a big lottery kills your chances of winning. But I must say it is an authentic lottery and anybody would love playing it. At least you are sure that you will get money IF you win.

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