Burn Your Odds with Pick 3 Lottery System –
Have You Been Playing Wrong Game Your Whole Life?

Pick 3 lottery system is one of the most tried lottery systems in the world due to its simplicity and easy winning strategy. You might leave your seat or stop reading this review if I say that Pick 3 lottery system is burning your odds. You might question my sanity. After all, it helps you win small lotteries on regular basis and it has established a good customer base online. In this review, I will tell you how you are burning your odds with Pick 3 and reveal what is HIDDEN!

You Don’t Know What You are Losing With
Pick 3!!!

Pick 3 actually helps you win real money. And winning with Pick 3 is probably the easiest way to win any lottery. It works by providing you 3 variables in 3 equations. The first variable is previous draw. The second one is divisor and the third one is mathematical equation which you need to find out.

Previous draw is provided by the lottery software. Divisor is your lucky number or the number you think will help you win the lottery. You compare these two equations and apply mathematical formula to it to find out the hidden equation number.

But what you actually win with Pick 3?

Now this is an important question.

With Pick 3 Lotto Systems, you can win small lotteries like a piece of cake. But if you want to win jackpot or big lotteries then you are playing with wrong lottery system.

Let’s have a look on small winnings as well. In beginning, you will win a little big amounts, say it $50. But the amount you win on regular basis is so small that it easily goes back to purchase more lottery tickets.

It means that no substantial big profit is left in your pocket, which means that Pick 3 is the wrong choice for moneymaking. Even if you are playing it for adding happiness to your life, still it is difficult to stay happy till retirement with just $50 in pockets.

In other words;

You don’t really win with Pick 3!!!

In the light of above stats, we cannot claim that it is a scam or any such thing. Pick 3 Lottery System is a simple lottery system with no big claims. It is the responsibility of the lottery player to find out their earnings from lottery system.

The Good News!

Pick 3 is not a total waste of money. With small earnings, your chances of winning bigger prizes increase. You can also reach jackpot if you are lucky enough. Overall, it is not the best system but if you can maintain patience or if you are aiming to play for jackpot then stick to Pick 3 Lotto Systems.

The second good news is that it is not a scam. You win real money with Pick 3 Lottery System and get a chance to play with expert lottery winners. There are no extra costs involve. You simply buy the system, play and win – nothing more, nothing less!

If you are a beginner then Pick 3 Systems is the right choice for you.

I will give Pick 3 Lottery System 3/5 points. It is easy and good for beginners but not favorable for people with high lottery aims. There is good technical support provided not only by Pick 3 Lotto Systems but also by its online community base. Had I not been a moneymaker, I would have given it 5/5.

Lottery systems which promise you to win jackpots are just shining stones and there is no benefit in burning your odds with them. Pick 3 is neither a shining stone nor a shining sun. It is just an average lottery system.

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May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Pick 3 Lottery System

  1. I have tried probability math for winning pick 3 live lotteries and it works!

  2. Someone tell me about a reliable pick 3 advisory base online?

  3. I agree! I always wanted to play lottery. I won many small lotteries with Pick 3 but never reached the jackpot.

  4. No more scratchers. I would give pick 3 a shot.

  5. Rest in peace pick 3 lotteries. I don’t trust this system anymore.

  6. I have heard that pick 3 lotteries only pay lump sum and not the annuities.

  7. Announcement for every person playing this lottery. This is all scam. Don’t get trapped in pick 3 lottery. I tried it two weeks ago and didn’t make a single penny in two weeks. I have played many lotteries and small winnings from many of them. An authentic lottery easily gives you returns within two weeks but this is heck of marketing gimmicks.

  8. I don’t know about online pick 3 but I have made good bucks with pick 3 in casino. I am from San Jose and pick lotteries are very popular here. If you know how to make good combinations then doubling your money is not a big deal at all. Online games are No-Go for me but pick lotteries definitely work. Hey George, why don’t you share some tips and tricks about winning pick 3 lotteries?

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