Free Pick 3 Lottery Systems Tricks to Choose Winning Numbers

No matter if it is pick 3 or pick 4, wheeling, or any other lottery systems, the choice of winning numbers is what makes you take money home or lose it. Knowing the trick of choosing winning lottery numbers comes with experience but here I am giving my secret free pick 3 lottery systems tricks to choose numbers that truly translate into winning digits.

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Get Your Hands on Frequency Charts

As I always say, research is the lifesaver in every field, be it lottery or bioengineering. Frequency charts are easily available on online websites for different lottery system. If you are using a lotto winning software application for playing a lottery then choose one that provides information about global lottery systems.

Many lottery systems also provide their history in the form of frequency charts. Closely look on the frequency charts and note down all the numbers that have been frequently used as lottery winning numbers. Using these frequency numbers, think about the closest important dates. Make as many important dates as possible. Another great way is to pick frequency numbers and play in pools but remember that you will have to share your winning money with other people when playing in pools.

Lucky Numbers

Some people believe in luck for a reason. If you are also the one then start writing down your lucky numbers including birthday, addresses, lucky phone numbers, lucky digits, ages, anniversaries, and other lucky numbers. Now pick numbers according to the instructions. Some people always play lotteries with their most lucky numbers.

Among free pick 3 lottery systems, this is one of the most reliable techniques.

Mixing Random Numbers

Some websites and lottery systems are also used for suggesting random numbers to the player. Most of these systems go through the frequency charts of lottery system that you are playing and offer random numbers on the basis of frequency charts.

There are two ways to use these suggested random numbers. Firstly, you can choose lucky numbers from the suggested numbers. Secondly, you can mix odd and even numbers to create winning combinations. For this, the trick is to create combinations that are closest to 50/50 combination. For example, you can make combination of 2 odds and 2 even numbers, 1 odd and 3 even numbers, 1 even and 3 odd numbers, and others.

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You would have also read about Delta number picking system. I have seen many lottery players in Louisiana playing lotteries with Delta number system. I personally don’t trust this system but here I am giving a little overview of this system. You pick two numbers from 1 to 8 and pick the closest number to 8 i.e. 7 or 9. Then you pick two more numbers between 8 and 15. Write down all the numbers and add them. Write down the sum of chosen numbers. Arrange all the numbers you picked in any order of your choice. The first number in series is the first lottery number. Add the first number with second number to get your second lottery number. Add second and third delta numbers to get third lottery number. Continue the process.

These techniques have helped in my case and I hope that they will be helpful to you as well.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Free Pick 3 Lottery Systems

  1. Tricks always give me heebie-jeebies but this blog is more than just tricks. You are great George!

  2. Show me the meaning of being a lottery loser!

  3. Just take out a print of frequency chart and paste it on your wall. Try finding frequency numbers with chart.

  4. Yeah right! Mix random numbers and you get random results that do not match lucky numbers.

    1. You don’t mix random numbers out of nowhere. George has explained how to pick random numbers. That’s a complete process you fool.

  5. Tried these and heyyy! These tricks work. Never knew pick 3 would be that easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  6. Delta number system is pretty old now, no?

  7. Thanks Professor. Yes these tricks worked for me too. I have used Delta numbers system for years and it is amazing. But it has become so common that competition has increased. Even lottery makers don’t use formulae that match techniques of delta system. So it is better to use your techniques for playing pick 3.

  8. You need to be very picky to play pick 3 LOL. Not really but I think pick 3 is the only easiest lottery system on earth that even beginners can win. Beginner players should also try wheeling lotteries. They are damn cool man. Even if you don’t win, you don’t lose much.

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