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Lottery systems work in a number of ways. Sometimes, you are apparently winning but actually losing money. It is not easy to understand the true nature of lottery systems. This review exposing Pick 3 lottery system scam will reveal everything from how it works to how you make real money with this system.

Are You Sure You Are Not Feeding a Slot Machine with Your Money?

‘Study numbers to win the numbers’ is what Pick 3 Lottery System markets. It is an untraditional lottery system which helps you win small lotteries not by using filters but by reading the number trends and guessing the right numbers.

There are various strategies to play Pick 3 lottery systems. Its official website claims that Pick 3 Lottery System can be used to play and win any Pick 3 lottery in any part of the world. It helps you win the lotteries by reconciling 3 variable equations including previous draw numbers, 3 digit divisor and mathematical equation.

Pick 3 restricts its users with some basis rules. One of the rules includes picking up 3 numbers, the sum of which does not equal to 9. Also, you cannot choose double digit numbers like 10, 40 and 60. A quick picture of Pick 3 makes it reliable, logical and easy-to-understand lottery winning system but are you sure that you are not trapped in Pick 3 Lottery System scam?

I believe that Pick 3 is a real money winning game but as lottery system it really sucks.

It sucks because you earn considerable money like $30 or $80 in the beginning but then, it makes you win very small amounts of money that almost equal your invested money. This money is spent in purchasing more lottery tickets to earn equal profit and the cycle goes on.

Apparently, you are winning lotteries but you are actually losing money and time.

But there is good news as well. With small lotteries, your overall profile improves and you slowly but gradually move to play the jackpot. And you may also win it if you are lucky enough.

If you are interested in playing with a system that gradually takes you to the jackpot then Pick 3 is the right choice for you.

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What You Can Do to Save Your Odds?

To save your odds and make more money with Pick 3, you will have to go an extra mile. There are two ways to earn more with Pick 3.

Firstly, you can learn strategies from different online forums or take help from Pick 3 System’s 24×7 online support. Secondly, there are some online books and whitepapers to help you learn money management with Pick 3. I have not tried any of these options as I didn’t want to pour more money in learning this system.

Next is What You are Losing With Pick 3!

The website of Pick 3 claims that you have absolutely nothing to lose with this system. I believe that Pick 3 Lottery System scam is merely a misconception as you really don’t lose anything but you also don’t win anything so we can say that it is half truth told and half hidden.

I will give Pick 3 lottery system 2/5 points as I would love to make money in return of time and money based investment. If winning a lottery makes you happy, then Pick Lottery System is your bet!

If you are not satisfied with Pick 3 then you can claim your money back, according to its website.

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May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Pick 3 Lottery System Scam

  1. Pick 3 helped me make some bucks but man it sucks! No big drawings or jackpot winnings.

  2. Bullshit! It didn’t increase my odd. All that happened was loss of money.

  3. This lottery is a clear scam. I wonder why anyone would trust this.

  4. Life would have been easier only if these lotteries worked for me *sigh*

  5. Utter nonsense. This lottery didn’t tell ticket numbers of lottery winners. How would we know it’s authentic?

  6. I received a message that my account has been deposited with refund but nothing was there when I checked. Scam alert!

  7. I don’t know how could pick 3 lottery possibly go wrong? I have made many small winnings with this and someday I will reach jackpot with my odds, haters gonna hate!

  8. I completely agree with George. Finally I see someone who faced what I have been through. I started playing this lottery four months ago. It looked like cool system to make small winnings but after some time I realized that I am actually losing money. I started off with $35 and made $60 within two days. Felt like it’s fair. But then I invested $60 and made $40 in three days. This means that I lost $20. This continued and ultimately I had to thank enough that this software is not linked with my bank account or I would have lost my all savings.

  9. I am from Pennsylvania. I am very grateful to Professor George that he saved my life. I started playing Pick 7 and Pick 5 a few months ago. It didn’t work for me so I started playing Pick 3. I read comments and reviews of Professor George and found these very helpful in finding out a true lottery system.

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