Tips and Techniques to Find the Best Pick 4 Lottery System Numbers

Some lottery winners are amazing in picking the best Pick 4 lottery system numbers. Pick 3 and Pick 4 are one of my favorite lottery systems and I believe that the winning strategy entirely depends on the numbers you choose for playing a lottery.

In pick 4 lottery system, the game starts just from the moment you plan to play it. I have tried Pick 4 lotteries in a number of states and found all of them exciting. It is difficult to reveal the best pick 4 lottery system but I will definitely share my tips and techniques to win Pick 4 lottery systems simply by choosing the best numbers for betting.

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Remember the Success Stories

A few months ago, a man in Orlando won $3 million jackpot from Pick 4 lottery for the second time in a year. There are many similar stories surrounding your lottery playing skills. You only need to keep yourself motivated and try the following number selection tips to win lotteries.

Oh yes, one more thing! Don’t be disappointed even if you win small lotteries. Some lottery systems help you win small lotteries and the collective winnings make you eligible for playing the jackpot.

Make Mixed Combinations

I have researched a lot about Pick 4 lottery systems. I cannot give a specific number but I can safely claim that most of the Pick 4 lottery winning numbers comprise of mixed combinations. For example, you can combine even and odd numbers to make mixed combination like this.

1,4,3,8,7,2, and so on

Some Pick 4 lotteries allow you to select numbers from different groups and sets of numbers. I have seen this type of lotteries in California and Virginia. You may find the best Pick 4 lottery system among them if you make mixed combinations from different sets. For example, if you have set A and set B and you need to pick six numbers then you can make following combinations.

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  • Two numbers from set A and four numbers from set B
  • Two numbers from set B and four numbers from set A
  • Three numbers from set A and three numbers from set B

You can also make other combinations but the given types of combinations would increase probability of winning the lottery.

Select Important Dates

Let me share a joke here. When I told this trick to one of my friends, he chose his own date for playing the lottery.

Well, the important dates include important national dates and dates of births of famous people. Remember that the date of establishment of the lottery that you are playing and the date of birth of its manufacturer are also important. A little research and some stalking on social media can help you get this information.

With these tips and techniques, I hope you can easily win lotteries and some day, find the best Pick 4 lottery system.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Best Pick 4 Lottery System

  1. Pick 4 is one heck of a lottery system. Find a good pick 4 lottery and play in peace forever.

  2. I always play with maximum numbers from one set and minimum from the other.

  3. Hey man! I stopped playing lotteries two years ago but after reading your reviews and tips, I am planning to get back into the game.

  4. The man in Orlando must have paid hell amount of tax on his lottery.

  5. Choose a set of numbers and replace the numbers with each other to win a lottery.

  6. Thank you for your tips Professor George. I have been using important date tricks but I will use other tricks from now onwards.

  7. There is no reason to skip playing in casinos. They are way better in credibility than online lotteries.

  8. Most of online pick 4 lotteries ask to pick random numbers. Very few of them offer combination lotteries. Any lottery that asks for picking random numbers is mostly a scam, unless it has a software app that picks numbers for you. They charge for these apps so automatically they make you win one day.

  9. My friend says that lottery systems always exchange winning numbers with each other because it is very expensive to pay experts for making winning numbers. So I always prefer reading the winning numbers of other lottery systems to make my combination.

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