Free Pick 4 Lottery Systems for Blessed Life Ahead

A few days ago, I received an email regarding Facebook lottery and I was really very excited to play it. But oh! It was a scam by some third party. Anyway, putting hands in such huge lotteries is not always safe when you have infinite competitors on the other side. But I will definitely try my luck if Facebook announces a real lottery.

If I look back on my experience in playing lotteries, I can safely claim that lotteries are all about probability and frequency mathematics. I personally don’t believe in lucky numbers but I have seen people who win with their lucky numbers only. Undoubtedly, luck also shares a great portion of your route to win lotteries but some percentage of it is always in your hands, which you can control and optimize simply by polishing your mathematics skills.

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For now, I am here to reveal free Pick 4 lottery systems to turn things around and help you cash out some good bucks this week.

The Most Important Tip

As I have told in my other reviews, I have played lotteries in many states. My lottery hunt started from Ohio and I travelled to many other states. The most important thing I noticed was that different states have different lottery histories and systems. Even my strongest winning strategies were ineffective in some states. In some states, some of those strategies worked which I had never cared about.

So I concluded that you need to study the history of every state before playing a lottery. Even if you are playing online lotteries, you need to go through the history of program developer and the history of that lottery system.

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Practice Probability Mathematics

I wish I could shake hands with you right now, if you also slept in Probability mathematics classes like me. But this is the best formula to take you through the woods of complex lotteries. Probability mathematics is the most important tool to improve your odds and increase the number of your winnings. If you are not good at probability mathematics then my suggestion is to start from basic probability and practice advance probability mathematics as well, if you really want to make it big in lotteries.

Make Mixed Combinations

Although I prefer going through the histories of lottery systems, but there is one magic bullet that works for all lottery systems.

If you are playing a lottery that requires you to match all numbers for winning then make mixed combinations of odd and even numbers using probability mathematics. The best way is to blend the combinations as much as you can.

There are free pick 4 lottery systems in some states that require you to match a few numbers only. In this case, make combinations of double-doubles, triple-singles, and all similar numbers to increase your odds.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Free Pick 4 Lottery Systems

  1. My alter ego keeps telling me to quit playing lotteries, but OK I need one more shot with George’s tips.

  2. LMAO! My friend even entered to play Facebook lottery. We still troll him 😀

  3. I tried downloading many lottery software but virus hit my laptop every time.

  4. Professor! It is almost impossible to extract history of casinos.

  5. Just roll a dice from 0 to 9 to find your lucky numbers.

  6. Best combinations are made with important dates only.

  7. We introduced Grandpa to online lotteries and I just loved his trick. He is a probability champ and he can even remember combinations on fingertips. But he uses white board to write down all combinations. Then he uses another color of marker to make combinations. He shuffles numbers as much as possible. Then uses frequency to find best 20 combinations and often wins lotteries this way.

  8. Thank you to the moon and stars and back and whatever kids say nowadays. I am very pleased with your tips. Finally there is someone who wants to share true knowledge with lottery beginners. I have played lotteries in many states, in fact I also played in Switzerland and Germany and many other European countries and I believe that your winning odds shoot by 50% if you learn about the history of the state or country. Just note down important dates.

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