Here is Something You Never Knew About Pick 4 Lottery System Scam

Pick 4 lottery systems are one of my most played lottery systems. With their amazing rewarding and quick revelation nature, I either make money or lose bucks but it never makes me waste my time. When I started playing lotteries, I was not much aware of Pick 4 lottery system scams. Apart from this, I always thought that you win lotteries by picking any numbers and make combinations.

I NEVER knew something, which I know now and want to share with you.

I will discuss how to trick Pick 4 lottery system scam but first I will demonstrate a little about different types of bets in Pick 4 lottery system.

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Which Bet Can Make You Win Bigger in Pick 4 Lottery System?

There are three types of bets in Pick 4 lottery systems.

Boxed Bet

In boxed combinations, you win if the numbers you choose are matched in any combination. The winning ratio is definitely higher in boxed bet. It has 4-way, 12-way, 24-way and 6-way boxes. 4 way has at least 3 similar numbers which are also called triple-single. 6-way has pairs of two similar numbers and the set is also called double-double. In 12-way, two numbers are different and the third and fourth numbers are similar. For example, 2, 4, 6, 6 is the example of 12-way. In 24-way, all numbers are different from each other.

In boxed bet, the winning ratio increases when you have numbers that are more similar. I personally prefer playing 4-way more because it has three similar numbers but 6-way is also equally rewarding.

Straight Bet

The reward money of straight bet is similar to the reward money of boxed bet. But straight bet is more difficult to win. The player only wins when the numbers you choose and the order of numbers is similar to the numbers and order of combination.

BackUp Bet

In backup bet, the reward money is lesser than the reward money of boxed bet and straight bet but the chances of winning are bigger. You buy one ticket of backup bet and play one game of straight bet and one game of boxed bet in one ticket.

The Secret Recipe to Win Pick 4 Lottery System Scam Revealed!

Now that you are already aware of different types of pick 4 lottery bets, I will suggest you to work more on boxed bets. If you want to get hands on straight bets and boxed bets both then start playing backup bets. I would not suggest you to play straight bets alone.

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You might have read many reviews about Pick 4 lottery system scam. Actually, it may turn out ineffective for some people if they choose inefficient bet types. For a person like me, who knows the tricks of making the most out of Pick 4 lottery systems, this system is definitely a Go-Go.

I will give it 4 out of 5 points for boxed bet and backup bet. For straight bet, I will give it 3 out of 5 points.

10 thoughts on “Pick 4 Lottery System Scam

  1. I was so unsure when I started playing Pick 4 but I think I will try again with these tips.

  2. You always win Pick 4 if you choose the type of your game wisely.

  3. Lottery cannot make everyone happy. Lottery is not pizza.

  4. I am embarrassed to realize that I have been playing Pick 4 wrong through all these years. Luck is not the only thing to make you win.

  5. There’s no stopping to lottery gimmicks and bilking with them but what a blessing Professor George is. Tricks to play against tricks are definitely the best way to cut diamond with diamond.

  6. I am afraid I will lose pick 4 lottery also.

  7. There are funnier earning sources to try out in life than lotteries.

  8. Pick 4 is always the best choice for me. Tried it in Pennsylvania, California, LA and totally nailed it!

  9. I am a retired person, now trying to live a simpler life. Pick 4 lotteries help make small and big rewards. I am not looking forward to jackpots because I believe I am not lucky enough to win the jackpots but small pick 4 lottery winnings keep me going. I mostly buy small gifts for my kids. My advice to all is that focus on small winnings only. Jackpots are not for humans.

  10. Dear Professor George! Thanks for being great help to us all. I have played straight bets and boxed bets but didn’t know about Backup bets. I think buying more tickets in Backup bet would help increase the winning odds. I completely agree with you. The winning ratio is always higher in boxed bet but straight bet is always good for mathematics nerds.

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