Pick 4 Systems Strategies to Bet and Win the Lotteries

Lotteries can be very boring at times, trust me! Through my years of experience in lotteries, I have found software based lottery systems really boring. But strategy based games are very exciting even before you start paying the lottery. No matter if you are playing individually or in a pool, you need to make a strategy. For example, I use my personal Pick 4 systems strategies for betting and winning the lotteries. My returns on Pick 4 systems were sometimes very exciting and sometimes very unpleasing. But with these strategies, I bet you can make good returns every time you play a Pick 4 lottery.

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Think Beyond Combinations

A majority of the people thoroughly reads and understands the combinations provided by the lottery maker. The fact is that there is not a single formula that fits o win all types of lotteries. Instead of reading and understanding the combinations, I would recommend you to think beyond combinations and make your own strategy to win the lotteries.

Boxes and Straights

There are three types of pick 4 lotteries including box lottery, straight lottery, and box and straight lottery. I mostly prefer playing box and straight combination lotteries to increase the probability of winning a lottery.

Unmatched Combinations

Similar numbers and combinations are very rare in any type of lottery. In Pick 4 lotteries, most of the winning numbers contain unmatched combinations. The combinations may include even and odd number combinations, numbers from different groups, and negative and positive numbers. For example, if the lottery system asks you to choose numbers between 1 and 32 then the winning numbers would include sets from tens, twenties and thirties.

Alternate Patterns

Apart from unmatched combinations, another strategy is to make combinations in alternate patterns. For example, if you are making a pattern of evens and odds then pick the numbers in even,odd,even,odd or odd,even,odd,even patterns. A good example is 1,4,7,2,5.

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Pairing Technique

Pairing technique is not applicable in all lottery systems. Thoroughly go through the history of lottery system. If the system had pairs in winning numbers then you can try your luck with this technique. Pairs are made in set systems. For example, for triple number systems, the pairs of 12 will include 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, and so on.

Calendar Dates

One of the oldest Pick 4 system strategies is playing with calendar dates. For example, think about the closest important dates or related dates. F you are playing the lottery in February 2016 and the date of establishing that lottery system is in March 1990 then the winning combination patterns may include the following.

  • Date of establishment-March-1990
  • Date of lottery result-March-1990
  • Date of establishment-March-current year

The combinations may also include many other patterns. You need to brainstorm and find out the upcoming important dates.

With these strategies, I don’t promise a 100% winning ratio but I can assure you that the chances of you winning will definitely increase. Keep reading my other reviews on Pick 4 lotteries to learn more about pick 4 system strategies, techniques and tips.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Pick 4 Systems Strategies

  1. I made my own strategy. It is about randomly picking numbers and praying to win *sigh*

  2. Betting is tougher than making combinations. Pick 4 online lotteries are way better.

  3. Even-odds, evens-evens and odds-odds is the only way to win Pick 4 lotteries.

  4. Hi Professor George, I am from North Carolina and really like your strategies.

  5. Dates are not always obvious to play with. You never know the lottery guys may shuffle dates.

  6. I agree with Professor George that you can increase your winning ratio with good strategies, provided if you understand the type and system of a lottery.

  7. I have tried playing in pools three times. You need to have a lot of patience. Or maybe I was just unfortunate to play in pools of people who used to fight on every lottery. It used to drive me nuts.

  8. If you are playing in combination lotteries then probability mathematics is always a Go-Go. I don’t prefer using online software apps in combination lotteries because these lotteries pick the numbers randomly.

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