They Don’t Want You to Know THIS About Silver Lotto System

I remember the time when I started saving from my first salary to play lotteries and buy a luxury home in Dubai with private beachfront. I had also dreamed of buying a luxury Cadillac. Do these dreams sound familiar? At some stage of life, we all dream of such luxuries. Lottery is a great way to earn six+ numbers provided you get the RIGHT lottery system and in this Silver lotto system review I will tell why Silver Lotto System is not the right system.

Keep reading to know everything about this lottery system which marketers just don’t want you to know. Below you will find some SURPRISING facts.

98% Wining Ratio!!! – Are You Kidding Me?

OK OK! The number 98% definitely attracts anyone so it is perfectly fine if it attracted you too. But keeping dreams aside which blur the facts, just consider how can a lottery system make you win up to 98%? If it does, then why this system has not been reviewed by FTC till now?

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Is Silver Lotto System Legit or Scam??

Silver Lotto system has been developed by Ken Silver. We don’t know anything else about the manufacturer except his name. We don’t know if he was a mathematician or lottery player. All we know is he developed this lottery system with his ‘experience and expertise’.

But to your surprise, he actually developed this system from internet. The information is so simple and straight-forward that after just a few days of playing it, you will realize that anyone like you and me can develop a lottery system like this. Clearly, it is a scam.


I May Recommend it BUT…

In the beginning, I found a Silver Lotto system review which claimed that the lottery made the player win up to 60%. Well, 60% is also an impressive number in the world where we have winning ratio on merely 10%. I might have recommended this lottery system to you if I had not tried it.

To me, it was waste of money. I lost my savings of 3 months because this lottery system gave me winning ratio of 2% only. Sold by Clickbank (another sign of warning), this system definitely has an impressive marketing campaign to make a fast buck off of players.

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THIS is What You Win or Lose with Silver Lotto System

  • You win up to 2% only according to me and up to 10% according to some Silver Lotto System reviews on internet.
  • I have no idea you get your money back or not. I didn’t claim mine.
  • It does not offer monthly or weekly subscription but you have to purchase full program.
  • This system does not give you extraordinary or out-of-the-world information about playing lottery systems.
  • You definitely get entertained because it is very engaging program but with low winning ratio, it does not even give you happiness.

I will give 2/5 to Silver Lotto System because it is entertaining. I would not recommend this lottery system to anyone!

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Silver Lotto System

  1. I don’t think anyone would be willing to pay anything for this frivolous crap.

  2. This scam system asks to pay 20% of winning for this and 5% for that.. in the end, you have merely 30% of winning amount.

  3. This silver guy is not returning my money and I will bust his truth on every lottery forum. Warning! Do not buy or play this game.

  4. We cannot blame if someone buys Silver Lotto. 98% is a good number to make anyone drool.

  5. I have already bought Silver Lotto System but the game I play is not in its list. Should I claim my money?

  6. Thank you professor. I would not give Silver Lotto even 2 out of 5 numbers.

  7. I am surprised to know that FTC has not put hands on this system yet.

  8. I am playing lotteries for a long time. I do lose sometimes but mostly I don’t because I play subscription based online lotteries. I mostly use same numbers for playing for at least one or two weeks. I also play small lotteries to get more odds in the beginning and I don’t trust crappy lottery systems like this ken silver’s. 98% is deception for sure.

  9. This year has been one hell of worst luckiest years. I am reading this review after already losing a lot of money on silver lotto. And by the time I will finish this review, I would already know that I am not going to get my money back.

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