Silver Lotto System Review Unveils The Real Face of this Scam

I have tried old and new lottery systems but the best thing I like about old lottery systems is that you can guess their authenticity simply by going through a few online reviews like this Silver Lotto System review. According to the manufacturer, it is a 20-year-old lottery system. Instead of doing online research, I decided to give this system a shot and here is what I found about Silver Lotto System.

The Misleading Claims and Unbelievable Winning Amounts

Ken Silver, the founder of this system claims that the formula and strategy given in Silver Lotto system is what he used for winning a big jackpot. Ken Silver has not given any proof regarding his winning but he has given some images of small group lottery tickets. I tried to read the company name and ticket amount by zooming in but I was unable to read the company name, winning money or any other details because the picture blurred after zooming in.

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All the claims and winning amounts become unbelievable without any proof. Apart from lack of proof, I also found many negative Silver Lotto System reviews regarding its poor performance.

THIS is What Ken Silver Wouldn’t Tell until You Purchase the Product

When I started using Silver Lotto System, I was a little confused because this system works in an entirely different way as compared to other lottery systems. I had thought it is simple software that retrieves information and the history of a lottery and suggests winning numbers. You wouldn’t understand how it works until you purchase it. The system is so complicated that most of the people fail to understand it and the manufacturer gets an excuse to escape refund.

Silver Lotto System is basically made up of 3 parts. These include the Silver Lotto System, Lotto-80, and custom profile system. These systems work in coordination with each other to produce a combined effect and increase chances of winning up to 99%. Ken Silver claims that the luck of player decides the remaining 1%. It took me almost one whole week to understand a little about how to put these three parts of lottery systems to work in coordination. You need to go a long way to reach the expert level.

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What is Locked and Still Hidden?

Now here are a few things I feel you all should know.

  • The winning ratio of Silver Lotto System is not 99% but merely 2%. For me, it was not even 2%.
  • Silver Lotto System reviews that claim to have won jackpots are only misleading you. These are mostly affiliated and paid reviews.
  • Apart from misleading advertising, Silver Lotto system does not provide any technical or backend support to its users.
  • Some of my friends have also claimed that the lottery system deducted some amount from their credit cards once or twice even though they didn’t sign any subscription.

My Final Thoughts

With these results, we can conclude that Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System is nothing but a fraud. Do you still want me to rate it in this Silver Lotto System review?

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Silver Lotto System Review

  1. Every scam lottery system promises to make you win 98% or 99%. The number 90 is enough to prove it a scam.

  2. I am trying to get my money back from Silver Lotto but whoever is behind this system has blocked me from their website.

  3. If a lottery system claims to help you win a jackpot then I must say such a system is worth trying.

  4. Failing to understand a system is definitely not the fault of lottery manufacturer. I have registered on Silver Lotto and planning to start playing it soon.

  5. They really deduct money from credit cards. I have lost some amount and I don’t think I would ever be able to get it back.

  6. Professor George is definitely the trustworthy guy here. I always trust his suggestions.

  7. Silver Lotto does not make you win a penny at all. Thugs are operating this lottery system.

  8. I tried Silver Lotto System a few days ago and found it very appealing. The video was undoubtedly very convincing but just after a few weeks I realized that it doesn’t make you win at all. I didn’t want to lose money so I immediately unregistered my account.

  9. Silver Lotto System and many other lottery systems ask to add your account number. I have no idea if it is legal or not. I asked a lawyer friend who said that you enter your account number only after agreeing to the terms and conditions of lottery system. These terms free these lotto guys from legal liabilities. Beware!

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