Unraveling the Story of Silver Lotto System Scam

In 1990s, Ken Silver introduced his Silver Lotto System Scam. It was started as one unit lottery system software that unveils the winning numbers. Then many other lottery systems were introduced in the market. Ken Silver tried to cash out his years old name in the market and introduced a new but more complicated version of Silver Lotto System.

I have tried the latest version of this lottery system containing three portions that coordinate with each other to increase the chances of winning up to 99%. For me, the chances of winning were merely 1.5%.

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The Promising Strategy that Makes Anyone Fall For It

The marketing strategy of Ken Silver is also different from others. Ken Silver does not make claims to help you buy a luxury house but he talks more professionally about increasing your chances of winning. The introduction story of Silver Lotto System scam also contains pictures of some lottery winning tickets. The images are not very clear and blur when you zoom in to see numbers or lottery names. These tickets can easily deceive an amateur lottery player.

Deceiving Online Reviews

You might have read Silver Lotto System reviews online claiming that it helped them win jackpots. This is one of the marketing tactics used by many lottery systems. Ken Silver also claims that he won lotteries and jackpots with strategies of Silver Lotto System but there is no evidence to prove his claim.

Here is How This Complicated System Works

It is quite difficult to understand the mechanism of Silver Guy Lotto System but I will unveil it step-by-step for your understanding. The program starts with a little introduction about Ken Silver. Then it tells general tips about choosing right type of lottery game, budgeting and planning for betting and winning a lottery. Well, these tips and tricks are already available on the first pages of search engines.

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Anyways, it then tells you systematic process of creating your master profile. You have to follow the rules of system as well as select initial numbers to create three profiles. The system says that it takes only 10 minutes to create profiles but it may take more than hour to complete the process. With these three profiles, you will fill columns and make 40 combinations of different numbers. Then you will select at least nine combinations to play with.

I suspected Silver Lotto System Scam when the system said that you don’t need to create combinations every time you play a lottery. What if none of my 40 combinations is effective enough to help me make returns? Do I need to purchase the program again and create more combinations?

Why Trusting This System is More Than Risky?

Ken Silver says he produces millionaires every month but he never shows the winning tickets because he needs to protect his players. There are countless excuses to escape questions but I would prefer to try some other lottery system instead of living in fool’s world.

I will give 1 out of 5 points to Silver Lotto System Scam. This 1 point is for creating a well-deceiving lottery system. This system will not only devour your money but it will also keep you trapped for weeks or even months.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Silver Lotto System Scam

  1. So Ken Silver wants to say that he has formula for winning lotteries but he has handed out that formula to the world. How generous of him in this materialistic world.

  2. Ken Silver is a thug. Ripped off not only my investments but also my credit account. He is a thief. Stop bilking people!

  3. People don’t realize that they spend money on lotteries to make money but actually they are losing money.

  4. I watched a video of this guy on YouTube and man he is so amazing. I am planning to try it at least one.

  5. I just hope everyone reads out this review so that they are not left with empty credit cards like my friend.

  6. An experienced lottery player would never trust a lottery that challenges with 98% 99% winning ratios.

  7. Silver Lotto System is a trap. You are trapped just the moment you press ‘Enter’ for registering this system.

  8. I picked nine combinations and wanted to change one of my combinations. It showed the message of re-registering for changing combination numbers because you cannot re-make or change combination numbers once you are done making them. Who the hell on earth offers a shitty system like this? I have heard he also steals money from credit cards of people.

  9. Man I was freaked out after seeing $5 deducted from my credit card. Called my credit company and they told who deducted it. I immediately tried to contact Ken Silver’s website. First off, they didn’t reply. Then they said that it is the tax of using their lottery system. I never received a response of my next emails after that. Don’t trust this guy he is a loiter.

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