Here are the Odds of Winning for Swiss Lotto

I have played a number of Swiss Lotto games, such as Trio Magic, Banco, Banco Jass, TOTOGoal, Bingo, Subito, Sport Tip, and PMU, and found them slightly different from other lottery games. They use a double matrix of 6/42 + 1/6 which determines that 6 main numbers will be drawn from the number range of 1 to 42.

Additionally, the players are required to choose a lucky number from the number range of 1 to 6. I remember when I was playing the lottery game in Switzerland, lucky number was known as No Chance. I always advise players to choose the lucky numbers wisely. If your lucky number matches the 6 main numbers, you will possibly win the Swiss Lotto jackpot of CHF 1,500,000. It’s a big amount!

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One of the unique things about the Swiss Lottery games is the odds of winning. These lottery games are very competitive when compared to other worldwide lottery games. Let’s have a look to the odds of winning these lottery games.

Odds of Winning – Swiss Lotto

1. Do You Want To Win Swiss Lotto Jackpot? Match the 6 Main Numbers

One of the best trick for players can to win the Swiss lottery jackpot is by matching the 6 main numbers with the lucky number such as 1 in 21, 474, 716. These are basically less withdrawn numbers, and can make you win the Swiss Lotto jackpot.

2. What If A Player Wants to Win the 2nd Level?

The players who want to win on 2nd level meaning 1 million CHF then they I will suggest them to choose the odds at 1 in 6, 294, 943 in order to match the 6 main numbers. These numbers perfectly go with the 2nd level.

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3. What If A Player Wants to Win on the 3rd Level?

The 3rd level and 4th level prizes are combined. In order to win on the 3rd level, the players will be required to choose 145, 716 in 1 for matching 5 main numbers. Lucky number will be added as well as odds for the 4th level will be combined in 1, 29, 143 after picking the 5 main numbers.

4. What If A Player Wants to Win on the 5th or 6th Division?

I will suggest choosing 1 in 3,331 for matching 4 main numbers and lucky number to win the 5th division. On the contrary, the odds of winning for a 6th division prize are 1 in 666 for selecting 4 main winning lottery numbers. You may or may not know but there are prizes on the 7th and 8th level as well. 1 in 220 and 1 in 44 respectively are the winning odds levels.

With these tips and techniques for the odds of winning in mind, you can seamlessly play swiss lottery games.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Swiss Lotto System Review

  1. These taxes are just ruining our incomes from lotteries.

  2. George! I also made some small earnings from Swiss Lotto System but when I compared my investments and earnings, I was at loss.

  3. I lost three times in first week of playing with 6 numbers. Fraud!

  4. I was frowned upon this system in just two weeks. It just bilks people. I demanded money back but they say their policies have changed.

  5. Listening again to They See Me Rollin after reading this review.

  6. Is there any good community forum to help the players of Swiss Lotto?

  7. People easily become convinced. I would rather try this lottery and see how it makes me win or lose, only then I will believe Professor George.

  8. This is the most important information for all. This is not a joke. Lotteries like Swiss Lotto System donate a lot of money to social services. But these lotteries demand this money from the winners. We pay taxes and then we pay donations and take a small portion home. If you want to earn more then don’t play lotteries that donate money.

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