Secret Tips and Techniques to Escape Swiss Lotto System Scam

Controversies come with fame but I believe that there is always a seed that grows controversies. For me, Swiss Lotto System was effective in making some good bucks but it didn’t make me win the jackpot, though I had dreamed of becoming one of the 600 millionaires produced by this system.

I also got to know about CHF380,000,000 money donated by this almost a century old company. All these numbers may be really impressive for some but at the same time, these numbers also generate controversies and doubts. In this scenario, someone asking about Swiss Lotto System Scam is definitely understandable.

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Why It Could be a Scam?

The beginner players need to choose six numbers between 1 and 42. The player chooses a lucky number and starts playing for small lotteries that lead to the jackpot. The chances of winning the jackpot for beginner players are only 1 in 31,474,716. For me, this is not a pleasing number because it means that the chances of winning jackpot in a lifetime are 1 in 86,232 years. For some, it may mean that rumors about Swiss Lotto System Scam are true but I have found some techniques of winning at least small lotteries. These tips may not lead you to the jackpot but at least you will take some amount of money home.

Mix Numbers

My experience with Swiss Lotto System and my extensive research on this system reveals that the system chooses all odds and all evens very rarely. This is only by chance. Trusting my probability mathematics rules, my tip is to mix even and odd numbers when choosing your six numbers for playing the lottery. Choose at least 2 odds and 4 evens, 2 evens and 4 odds, or 3 odds and 3 even numbers for making the combination.

High Low Strategy

Most of the winning numbers cover the entire field. It is a very rare case that the winning numbers include all numbers from the series of tens, twenties or thirties. A good strategy is to choose high low numbers. Another great way is to think about the closest important dates. Think about dates of birth and important national Swiss dates to choose your numbers.

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Sum Strategy – The SECRET to Win

A balanced game is always the right way to win a lottery. For this, you need to do a little research about lottery systems. Now forget about Swiss Lotto System Scam and remember this secret key to unlock the winning numbers. If you sum up the Lotto system winning numbers, you will find that at least 70% of the sum of numbers falls between 100 and 158. So when you choose your numbers, make sure to add them and find the total number. The probability of your winning increases if the sum of your chosen numbers falls between 100 and 158.

Now I have given my tips and secret techniques to win Swiss Lotto System Scam. To know the rating about Swiss Lotto System on our rating scale, read my other reviews on this topic.

May you be happy and lucky!

Professor George

10 thoughts on “Swiss Lotto System Scam

  1. Be nice to Professor George. He saves people from lottery looters.

  2. This is just a ripping system no matter what strategy you apply.

  3. I tried Swiss Lotto and won many times. The best way is to join pools.

  4. Sum strategy is the best for Swiss Lotto. I always try my best to make numbers between 100 and 158.

  5. Swiss Lotto gives only 50% winning ratio but it is still better than others.

  6. I always play with independence date of Switzerland LOL. Won once only!

  7. Most of the lotteries are fraud today. I would rather go with a lottery system having history like Swiss Lotto.

  8. There is nothing like lucky number. I have tried it several times. My strategy for lucky number is a bit different. See, Swiss Lotto winning numbers fall between 100 and 158 most of the times right. So I pick 0, 1, 5 or 8 as my lucky numbers.

  9. There is always a nice way to win any lottery. Your Swiss Lotto strategies are good Professor. Date strategy does not always work. I feel they shuffle the dates so you don’t get an exact idea of which numbers to choose. I replace date and month with each other but don’t touch the year and this trick has worked for me several times. I don’t generally use the SUM Strategy.

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