Lottery Tips and Techniques to Win Swiss Lotto Game

There are some lottery winners who have amazing tactics and techniques to win the Swiss lotto game while there are some individuals who are not really aware of the lottery systems properly, as they do not know the tricks to win it. But let me tell you, you just need to use your mind in the right way and things will happen just like the way you want them to.

But before we go into the details of the tips and techniques, you must know that recently Swiss lotto changed the number format, from a 6/45 + B format to the current 6/42 + 1/6 Powerball type game. Now, the game has become more difficult than before. But, you need not worry, because the rules are still the same and you just need to follow the simple tips and tactics I have for you.

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Well, as per the new changes, now you will need to choose six numbers from 1 to 42. Also, you will be required to choose a lucky number from 1 to 6. Remember, that lottery games are about luck, so choose your lucky number wisely. Also, you should know that the winning prize jackpots are in 21, 474, and 716.

  • Tip # 1: Go for Odd Even Lotto Numbers

I always recommend the players to try and have a relative mixture of odd and even numbers when they select the numbers. I recommend this because the odd and even numbers are rarely drawn, mad they usually occur 1% of the time. You should always go for 2/4, 3/3, 4/2; meaning, four odds and two evens, two odds and four evens, or three odds and three evens.

  • Tip # 2: Choose High Low Lotto Numbers

The numbers are usually spread over the entire number field. When you cut the number field in half, you get a low half and a high half number. For instance, consider 42 number games, like Swiss lotto, the numbers from 1 to 21 will be in low half whereas the numbers from 22 to 42 will be in high half. Here, I would suggest having a 4/2, 2/4, or 3/3 determining two high and four low, four high and two low, and three high and three low numbers.

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  • Tip # 3: Try Choosing Number Group Strategies

If you have previous experience of playing Swiss lotto games, then you will find that often one or more number groups are not represented. For instance, if we talk about the combination of the numbers, 5-14-17-32-28-42, you will not find any 20s in this mixture. I want to tell you here that you must track and study the number groups because they can help you in deciding which group to leave out and which group to give extra attention and play heavily.

With these tips and techniques, you can try your luck.

May you be happy and lucky to win the Swiss lotto game!

Professor George


10 thoughts on “Swiss Lotto System

  1. Lottery is not something you can get from a dollar store. You have to pay well for increasing odds.

  2. After reading your review, I am horribly confused now. I have purchased this system already :(

  3. I will buy Swiss Lotto only if I knew that I would live 100 years. The chance of winning is once in hundred years LOL

  4. This is really funny that most of the lottery systems help make small winnings only.

  5. The struggle seems real. I may think of buying Swiss Lotto.

  6. That happy moment when you didn’t buy Swiss Lotto because you spent that money on Swiss makeup 😉

  7. One does not simply spend money on shit like Swiss Lotto System.

  8. There’s always a proof of a scam and the proof of Swiss Lotto System is that they never increased the jackpot amount.

  9. I am an expert casino lottery player and I am embarrassed to admit that I often mocked people who argued on Facebook posts. But after reading your reviews, I must say that you are so genuine and amazing to help everyone out here. I completely agree with your tips because I have also used a few of them.

  10. It is pretty fair to believe that Swiss Lotto is reliable because you don’t find any bad proofs online. But I wouldn’t buy this lottery. It has looted one of my friends for years. It is good to play in pools only.

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